Exclusive RHONYs Ramona Singer Dishes With Betty

The reality star and designer talks about her new line, her inspirations and how she picks her TV outfits.
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Ramona Singer Cuff

Ramona Singer lapis, tanzanite, diamond, sterling and wood cuff ($649.90, hsn.com).

Tell us about your new jewelry line.
My signature has always been cuffs. I used to always do my cuffs in platinum, but this time I’m introducing wood and gold. For this season, I did this beautiful cuff in a special wood with a matching ring. I also did a cuff trimmed with onyx that looks like 14-carat gold. That one has matching earrings. I also did a lot of greens for fall. Believe it or not, colored jewelry works with everything—it makes any outfit pop. If you buy a beautiful blouse, you can’t wear that everyday. But a great piece of jewelry can accent a simple t-shirt in a fun way. Your attitude and how you feel just changes—I love jewelry!

 How is your jewelry different from what’s already out there in the market?
My jewelry looks expensive, but it’s totally affordable. It’s good quality at the price of costume jewelry. I did smaller diamond hoops this season. They go with everything and look like they’re thousands of dollars. No one would ever know they’re only $299! Also, the stones I use look precious. In one piece, I used a pink topaz that looks exactly like a sapphire.

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Does most of your jewelry come in sets?
A lot of it does, yes. But the beauty of it is, everything can be worn matchy-match or mixed up. It’s like clothing—you can buy the matching outfit, but wear it different ways. In this collection, I did some pieces with blue amethyst. They look great alone, but can also work with pieces from past collections.

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  1. That cuff is almost $700! Is this woman crazy?!?! And she has the balls to say, “My jewelry looks expensive, but it’s totally affordable”? I don’t know who would blow that much on a bracelet.

  2. Ramona’s alright. But what about the Countess and her delusion that she can carry a tune?! You may not be able to buy class but you can certainly buy a vocal coach and I’d highly recommend she give it serious consideration.

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