Exclusive! Tiffanni Thiessen: "Miley Cyrus Seems To Be A Normal Teenager"

Tiffani Thiessen, the 'White Collar' actress and Crest Pro-Health spokesmodel, talks beauty and Miley Cyrus.
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Tiffani Thiessen

What’s the food people should avoid while trying to stay in shape?
I have always been a believer that everything is good in moderation. I believe it’s okay to even have small amounts of the less healthy things like sugar, white flour etc.

What’s a food you suggest eating while trying to stay in shape?
Again, I’m an advocate for water. It’s the best tool for losing weight.  

What’s been your favorite part of acting in White Collar?
My favorite part of White Collar is the cast I get to work with. I feel like I am the most blessed actor. 

You’ve been part of two of the most important and notorious television shows for teens (Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved By the Bell) in the 90s. How does that feel?
It makes me feel very special. Both shows were very significant in my life and I have such fond memories of both.  

What do you watch on TV now?
Having a newborn, I don’t have time for TV anymore.

Who in pop culture do you think teenagers look up to a lot now?
It seems a lot of teenagers look up to Miley Cyrus.

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Do you think she’s a good role model?
I think Miley is a great role model. She seems to be a normal teenager with good family value.

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive! Tiffanni Thiessen: "Miley Cyrus Seems To Be A Normal Teenager"

  1. I agree with Tiffani. Miley is rather sexualized, but I think it seems more extreme because of her greater than average wholesomeness on Hannah Montana. When Miley is photographed by the paparazzi in her everyday life, she dresses like a normal teenager. These really are just stage costumes and she is simply a performer trying to make a transition to try to keep her career going and not have her fans outgrow her image.

  2. I would like to see if there was anything else she had to say. It seems like she should have more to say to explain why she feels that way. Miley does seem to be growing up too fast, but she did have a more wholesome than than milk image thru Disney. So maybe if it weren’t for Hannah Montana, Miley wouldn’t bed so shocking.

  3. I think that Miley is a normal teenager. Look around yourselves!! If she were to get pregnant right now I would still think its normal, teenagers are a different type of people, remember when you were young unless your parents kept you connected to their hip, you dressed the same way, you wanted to be recognized. I wish people would keep their negativity to themselves and leave Miley and her parents alone, it seems more of envy reading the things people say.

  4. I’m not “hating” on Miley, in fact I agree with mealtheway because thias is exactly the way it’s going to go down with Miley. I’m just waiting for the shoe to drop.

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