Exclusive! Will Jesse James Get Back On Sandra Bullock's Good Side?

The cheating Jesse James tries to get sympathy by being honest... for once.
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Exclusive! Will Jesse James Get Back On Sandra Bullock’s Good Side?

The cheating Jesse James tries to get sympathy by being honest… for once.

-JoAnna Zulli

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock swore to herself she wasn’t going to watch Jesse James on Nightline recently, but she couldn’t resist. Sort of the way Jesse James couldn’t resist keeping it in his pants?

“Even though Jesse has apologized to Sandra over and over and has begged for forgiveness, she wanted to watch him tell American what he did and that he was sorry,” a friend close to Sandra told tells BettyConfidential. “Part of her felt sorry for him, but the other part of her felt nothing. Every time she softens she remembers what he did and she hasn’t gotten past that yet. The horrid reminder of him cheating on her just gets to her and she tries to put it out of her mind.”

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Our source adds that Sandra knew of Jesse’s hard life growing up when he was a kid. And, she knew that Jesse would talk about it on Nightline. “I don’t think any of what Jesse said was a lie,” says the pal. “Sandra would not have let him go on national television to tell more lies. His lying is what got him into trouble and she wouldn’t have let more lies get him out of trouble. Plus, Jesse is trying to do all he can to get back into Sandra’s good graces. Lying is not one of them. She is in control of everything Jesse does and says. She’s no dummy.”

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive! Will Jesse James Get Back On Sandra Bullock's Good Side?

  1. Sometimes it’s just too late.
    Sandra really has showed her grace and strength through all this. She’s one to be admired and he’s one that needs to be ashamed (and smacked.)

  2. i know i will get slammed for this.. but.. “there for the grace of God go i.” AND i am NOT condoning cheating. but, everything he said in the interview is true. when you come from an abused childhood, you feel so much shame. you may not realize it because you suppress it so deep inside, but it will come out at some point. you feel shame, embarrassment, etc. so when you have something really good (sandra), you find it hard to believe. and, when it is the best thing ever in your life, you assume it will be taken away and you will be left damaged again bc as a child those who loved you damaged you. its a way to protect yourself. it’s not an plan you have, but it’s in your damaged pyche. when he said he wanted to get caught.. he is 120% correct. he’s not lying. again, not defending him. factor in all the media attention about ‘why would she ever marry him’ or ‘he is out of her league’ etc. that doesn’t make the situation any better. it’s like everyone expected him to be _______ because they judged his image of tats and choppers. i understand because i’ve been a child of abuse and still not over the impact on my life. sadly, i’m just getting now after i’m 40 and have lost so many years. i honestly hope he continues to kill the demons from his childhood. after all she saw something in her that made her love him. i know i am in the minority, but i hope they give it a 2nd chance. i’m sorry, but unless you know and feel the pain of what he was saying, you can’t understand. I am NOT condoning cheating, just another perspective of the ‘why’ of it all. feel free to bash, because i will log out.

  3. there is a huge difference between remaining civil for the sake of any children and reconciling – something tells me that Ms. Bullock is well aware of that difference – remaining civil and non-confrontational would be what is best for the sake of little ones and for her at least, that trumps all else –

  4. Personally I don’t see a reunion of any sort that will please Jesse anytime soon. I do see the mountain of hurt and disappointment in Sandra’s eyes. The kind of mountain and disappointment that changes your life.
    Love him or not, the bottom line is he broke the vows he spoke to her, vows that should have been as important to him as they were to Sandra.
    In closing, ‘Knowing’ Sandra tells me that she’ll be civil, but he’s definitely out when it comes to the ‘honey-baby-it’s-ok’ stuff of making up and playing house again.

  5. He’s cheated on her once, he’ll do it again… soon as she lets her guard down. That isn’t to say ALL erring mates never change, some do. I think. Sorry Sandra. I know how you feel. :(

  6. Jessee is a biker loser – Just look at the trash he hangs out with – He marries a former porn actress then screws these strippers and hookers. How he ever bamboozed Sandra is a real puzzle. She has more sense then to let this tatooed freak back into her life – At least I hope she does.

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