Excuses To Get Out Of A Date

Prison break: the art of the escape on a first date.
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Of course, if you’re like me, you’d rather avoid awkward confrontation. But instead of listening to Mr. Baked Bean Teeth talk about how annoying his boss’ secretary is even though she has a nice rack, your mind is racing for a way to exit. Do you say you’re going to the bathroom and then dash out the front door? Do you fake a seizure and fall onto the floor, salivating and shaking? Do you pretend like your husband’s best friend has just walking into the restaurant?

Like the sinking of a ship or the oncoming of a monsoon, it’s important to have a pre-planned exit strategy in the event of a natural dating disaster. We’ve all seen that overplayed movie scene where the female is on a terrible date and her best friend just happens to call to fake a family tragedy that said female never explains, but just dashes out of the restaurant leaving the poor guy sitting there alone. They also never wear the same outfit twice and live in gorgeous loft apartments on a magazine writer’s salary in these movies. It’s all unrealistic.

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At the end of the day, there’s really no easy way to get out of at least a mini date. You have to remember, he probably took a little extra time to get ready too, and he’s probably totally nervous. And told his mom about it.

How would you feel if Romeo said he was going to add some change to the meter, and it was only after sitting alone for 10 minutes you realized he didn’t drive?

Which of course is another issue altogether. Because once you decide you’re interested, you may not know if he is. It’s like high stakes poker. Is he staying in? Will he fold? Is he wearing sunglasses?

I’d suggest avoiding the headache and keeping the initial plan simple. Like grabbing a drink or seeing a flick. It’s harmless and at least you’ll be entertained. I’d say you’ll make a new friend, but as my best guy friend profusely points out, that guy has enough friends. He’s looking for the benefits.

So you probably won’t make a new friend, you might ruin your tights crawling toward the EXIT sign in the theatre when he’s not looking, or maybe you’ll discover a new Italian restaurant you really love.

Next time, you’ll just bring the right guy with you.

Dater Julie chronicles her dating life on her blog, CantHardlyDate.com.

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8 thoughts on “Excuses To Get Out Of A Date

  1. I agree — there's no great way to break a bad date. Unless he's being really offensive, just stick it out — and don't make a plan for a long dinner on the first date! You must build your exit strategy into your initial plan!

  2. You should know within the first ten minutes if he's a keeper or not. If he's a jerk, order something that won't take long to cook or eat, and then get the heck outa there!

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