Exercise and Beat the Heat

Yes, you want to stay in peak condition, but when it's really (and we mean really) hot outside, you have use caution when you're working out in the summer sun.

Exercise and Beat the Heat

Yes, you want to stay in peak condition, but when it’s really (and we mean really) hot outside, you have use caution when you’re working out in the summer sun.

-Melissa Paris

heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is the body’s response to dehydration and an excessive loss of water and salt through sweat. It can happen when you’re  overexposed to the heat and the body’s sweat response stops working. If untreated, it can lead to heat stroke-a medical emergency. It is important to do a few things if you’re planning on working out outside the gym. Always remember it is easier to prevent heat exhaustion than it is to bring yourself back to a cool and safe physical state.

Read Exercise for Your Body Type

If you have to exercise in the heat, if you’re training for a marathon for example, then let your body adapt gradually to the warm temps. Before exercising, you should already be very well hydrated. Throughout your workout continue to drink fluids and keep drinking after your workout too. It’s a good idea to drink something that will replace your electrolytes such as Smart Water or Gatorade (one of few times I would suggest these products). Try to rest in a cool or shady spot between working out.

Steps to prevent heat exhaustion

1. Avoid exercising during peak heat hours. Try working out earlier in the day when it’s cooler, or work out later in the evening after the temperature has peaked.

2. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing so your skin can breathe allowing your body to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

3. Wear light colored clothing when working out. Dark colored clothing actually holds in the heat!

Signs of heat exhaustion

1. Fast or weak pulse.

2. Dizziness.

3. Pale, cool or moist skin.

4. Disorientation.

5. Fainting.

6. Loss of energy.

Seek medical attention immediately if symptoms are severe.

If someone you know seems to be suffering from heat exhaustion, stop activities immediately and seek a cool place where you can rest. Continue drinking cold water or an electrolyte beverage. Remove as much extra clothing as possible.

Getting in shape, staying in shape is important for your general overall health. However, working out in extreme heat can be dangerous, so remember not to push it!

Melissa Paris is New York City based personal trainer. She has a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Montclair State University. Melissa is a top trainer at the exclusive Reebok Sports Club in Manhattan is the fitness coach at Neighborhood Holistic, and has also partnered with Lux Photo Studios in NYC to offer brides fitness and nutrition support. Her list of clientele includes some of the most elite entrepreneurs and CEOs in New York City. She works with each client on an individual basis, focusing on achieving long-term results through challenging and varied workouts, as well as focusing on the positive, self-empowerment, and enjoyment aspects of the process.

Melissa is actively involved in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Association. Melissa has been featured in Club Solutions Magazine, Muscular Development Magazine, Flex Magazine. She’s a spokesperson for Goji Gourmet Cookies, as well as the fitness authority for the NYC Pictage User Group(PUG).

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