Expect to Be Noticed: Beautiful, Luxurious NORMA ISHAK Scarves

Made from the most luxurious and beautiful materials, NORMA ISHAK scarves are more than just a fabulous way to keep warm this winter.
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Norma Ishak
Norma Ishak in one of her creations.

NI: Over the past 30 years, I have amassed an incredible collection of rare yarns from across the globe. My collection features only the rarest and finest yarns, beads, and feathers in the world. Switzerland, Venice, and the Bretagne region of France send their lace. Renowned ateliers in Paris, offer their silk, while Mongolian ranchers send only their highest-grade cashmere. Fallen feathers from Africa’s most exotic birds are collected and sometimes intermingled with the Peruvian Alpaca’s famous wools.

BC: So is a scarf more than just a scarf to you?

NI: NORMA ISHAK scarves are designed so that they can be worn as jewelry pieces, day after day to accessorize an outfit.

Norma Ishak
NORMA ISHAK Scarves featured  in XO.

BC: Tell us about your design process:

My daughter Valerie and I design each a piece. We then start selecting the perfect yarn from my rare and vintage personal collection, so I start knitting the pattern of the collection. My trusted team of craftswomen and I hand-knit all of the scarves in the collection, whether they are one-of-a-kind or production pieces.  I personally train each woman on how to knit the appropriate design for each collection.

BC: What’s your personal fashion philosophy?

NI: To me, style is individual and cannot be replicated. This philosophy is always at the foundation of each handmade and custom designed scarf. I celebrate the individual style and personality in the sophisticated contemporary woman. Thus no two items are exactly alike, as no two people are the same. Every piece has a special story, a detail unlike any other, embodied and brought to life by the unique woman that is to call it her own.

BC: If you could have any celebrity — past or present — wear your scarves, who would it be? 

NI: Coco Chanel, Beyonce, Sophia Vergara just to name a few.    

Norma Ishak

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