False Alarm: Russell Brand Was NOT Banned from Canada

Russell Brand's Twitter joke just went a little awry, that's all. He hasn't been banned from Canada. Yet.

False Alarm: Russell Brand Was NOT Banned from Canada

Russell Brand’s Twitter joke just went a little awry, that’s all. He hasn’t been banned from Canada. Yet.

-Lucia Peters

Russell Brand

Calm down, everyone; Russell Brand was NOT denied entry into Canada. That Tweet that he sent on Saturday was a joke. A joke that got way out of hand, but a joke nonetheless. This IS Russell Brand we’re talking about, after all.

What happened? Well, on Saturday, Russell’s Twitter followers were treated to a series of Tweets from the seemingly panicked comedian. The first read simply this:


This was followed later by this:


Which featured an image of Russell standing before a map of North America:


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And was then concluded with this:


A Russell Brand show cancelled because Canadian customs officials have no sense of humor? Gasp! Surely not! How DARE they?!

Perhaps it’s not surprising that at the time that it happened, many took Russell’s claims to be truth; everyone from TMZ to the Winnipeg Free Press reported it as breaking news. Furthermore, Russell has an impressive track record when it comes to getting kicked out of foreign countries. Remember that time he got booted out of Japan because of his criminal record? Yeah, me too. Good times.

This time, however, that turned out not to be the case. In fact, Russell never made it out of California— something on the plane malfunctioned, leaving Russell stranded in the US. His Tweets, then, were either an attempt to make light of the situation, or else a good ol’ fashioned prank.

I can’t really say I blame him. Because, really: What ELSE are you going to do when you’re stuck on a grounded plane for hours on end?

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.


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