Farmer's Market Food Isn't Always Healthy

Check for preparation and temperature.

Farmer’s Market Food Isn’t Always Healthy

Check for preparation and temperature.

-Jane Farrell

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The latest scary food news, courtesy of the Betty Cootie Patrol: If you see some fabu salsa or fruit salad at the all-natural, organic farmer’s market, check that the vendors have handled the food properly.

Think this is alarmist? It isn’t: the Iowa Department of Public Health is investigating at least ten cases of unspecified illnesses stemming from products sold at an unnamed farmer’s market in east-central Iowa, according to AOL. The illnesses were caused, the website said, by products including salsa, hummus and fruit salad.

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But before you decide not to make that trip to the farmer’s market after all, remember that the markets are a terrific source of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s the products vendors make from those fruits and vegetables that you have to be cautious about. (Be sure, though, to wash all fruits and vegetables, including fresh produce, before you eat them.)

To protect yourself, Iowa’s public-health department says that fruit and vegetable products must be refrigerated when on display—and after you buy them. If you want to bring them home to eat, the department recommends bringing a cooler with you to the market.

Once you do get them home, according to AOL, refrigerate them and eat them within days.” (Betty recommendation: don’t wait more than two days; these products may not have an expiration date on them.)

And if you don’t eat them, or if you haven’t refrigerated them properly, then get rid of them. That might seem like paranoia or a waste of money, but it’s better than becoming another statistic in a government health report! (AOL)

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