Fashion Designer Suzanne Rae Is Someone To Watch!

Suzanne Rae's new line might be understated, but she didn't hesitate to give us the deets on her wear-anywhere pieces.
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BC: When did you first hear about Francesca Woodman?

SR: I came across a book of hers at The Strand and immediately fell in love. I went back two or three times to take a look at it because it was too expensive for me to purchase at the time. Then when I researched her more, I found that she was having a retrospective at the Guggenheim, which was fantastic.

francesca woodman

BC: Do you have a favorite photograph of hers and why?

SR: That’s a really tough question, as there are so many that come to mind, but I do love this one. I’m always drawn to a Christ figure, and perhaps in a sense she herself is a Christ figure put literally here. And it’s so simple. I like the shirt that she has on; the composition is both eerie and direct. It’s certainly strong and thought provoking, yet has her delicate aesthetic at the same time. It’s sort of how I want my clothes to be.

BC: What’s the story behind the fabric choices and color schemes?

SR: The palette is soft. There are lots of neutrals with hints of peach and then bright blues. The fabrics are light and airy: cottons, silks and cupro, which is a cotton derivative that feels like silk but is machine washable.

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BC: How do you source your fabrics?

SR: They’re from all different places. Some are from Japan and Canada; others are from California and so on.

BC: How does New York influence your work?

SR: I come up with a concept for each collection based on how I feel. And my feelings have a lot to do with the vibe that goes through the air, especially here in New York. People here want something more. In Brooklyn, I think that something more is an earnest search for a greater meaning or truth. At least, that’s what I get.

BC: What was the design process like?

SR: It’s so fun and sort of self-indulgent. I get to search my soul and the world around me, do some research to learn more about my recent discoveries, and then interpret all these thoughts into what I hope is a cohesive collection. It’s like writing a paper, where you think of a thesis, explore it, and then come to a conclusion.

What Suzanne thinks about when she’s designing and more up next!

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