'Fashion Police's' George Kotsiopoulos Dishes On Golden Globes Hits and Misses

George Kotsiopoulos of 'Fashion Police' talks unexpected trends, hot messes, and adding edge to your wardrobe!
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BC: So many of the ladies looked great on the red carpet. If you had to pick one who looked the best, who was it and why?

GK: I would have to say Jessica Chastain – just because I love her and think she’s a really cool girl, and a movie star, and she’s smart, and she’s sweet. And it was one of those dresses that was polarizing: You either loved it or you hated it. But it kind of harkened back to a 1930s screen siren look, and I loved the fortuny pleating – that’s very architectural, the plunge. Some people thought that her boobs looked like they were sagging, but you can see her boobs were up here. I thought the color was beautiful. I know from her stylist that she really, really wanted to wear sea foam green – and that was just what her vision was. And I loved her hair, the middle part. I loved how it kind of swept back and flowed down her back. I think she just nailed it and looked absolutely exquisite. And she won, so good for her!

BC: Was anyone a fashion disaster?

GK: There were a few ladies who I think dressed age-inappropriate. Certain dresses do have a cutoff date. And I’m not being ageist, but I just think that a ball gown, for example, is for younger girls to wear, even if it’s in a dark, somber color. It’s something I would still see on a teenager or a girl in her twenties or early 30s, but beyond that, it’s a little odd. It’s a princess moment and in your 40s or 50s… you’re having a princess moment?

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BC: We thought Amy and Tina looked great on the red carpet – especially Amy, who was rocking a pantsuit. Do you have any tips for women who would want to try that look for events?

GK: I loved Amy and Tina Sunday night! I thought they looked absolutely amazing. Pantsuits are definitely a great way to go. It depends: If it’s a black tie event, you can do a take on tuxedo dressing, which was a big trend for fall and is continuing through spring. I think it’s really about having the right proportion on your jacket and knowing where the length should hit you.

I think if you’re a bit hippier, you should have it come in at the waist and maybe be a little bit longer. The boyfriend jackets don’t work on curvy girls because they’ll add weight. But if you have an athletic build, you can totally work that look. And you most likely need to wear a heel. Amy wore that great strappy Charlotte Olympia sandal and I liked the cropped length on her – it gave it a bit of an edge. But it’s all about really knowing your proportions. And if you want to elongate your leg, you can wear a flared pant with a super high platform and hem it to the floor.

BC: To finish up, can you tell us a bit more about the Suave sweepstakes?

GK: Oh yes, there’s a great sweepstakes. All you have to do is go to the Suave Beauty Facebook page. You can get product there, but you can also enter for a chance to win $1,000 in cash and a year’s supply of Suave product, which is awesome. Because everybody loves free stuff! I don’t care who you are. I love free stuff, celebrities love free stuff, everyone loves free stuff!

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