Find the Sexiest Jeans for Your Body Type

The right jean can accentuate your figure, whether you're curvy like Beyonce, pear shaped or slim.
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Find the Sexiest Jeans for Your Body Type

Did you know that a pocket can make your booty shine or look flat?

-Kathryn H. Cusimano


Shopping for jeans can be a major hassle, so we checked in with Susan Woo, design director at Level 99 Denim, to find out what we should look for when we’re buying jeans. Woo has several suggestions for women with different body types, but she says the most important thing is wearing jeans that make you happy. “It’s not necessarily about trends,” Woo tells us. “It’s really important to own your jeans and to wear them comfortably.” With that said, there are a few things to keep in mind: full-length jeans make everyone’s legs look longer, so if your legs are on the shorter side, avoid cropped styles.

Keep in mind that clean, dark washes also have a slimming effect on the legs. Last of all, stick to styles that make you happy. Beyoncé’s figure glows in her jeans.

Woo gave us some guidelines, but only you can decide what you feel most comfortable in.

Read on to learn if the back pocket is your friend or enemy.

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  1. [YIKESSSS So sorry for the multiple posts! but the rest of my post wouldn’t go through til now] oh my goodness thank you for the advice, sometimes I just need to remember to wear what looks best on me and not pay attention to trends that are unflattering to my body type. looooove this post

  2. @icedidi whiskering is those thin whitish or blue lines that are purposely placed on the top of the jean. They’re near the front pockets-it’s a way to make them look “aged.” I hope that helps.

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