First Dates Guys Thought Up But Would Be Scared To Try Out

You thought guys were not creative with their first dates, but maybe they were just too scared to try!
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First Dates Guys Thought Up But Would Be Scared To Try Out

You thought guys were not creative with their dates, but maybe they were just too scared to try!

-Justin DeMarco

Creative First Dates

“Would you like to grab a drink sometime?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said that line. And I hate saying it. I always end up wanting to wash my mouth out with soap after saying those words. I don’t even like drinking on dates.

So why do I subject myself to bar dates, you ask? It’s the safe play. Bar dates signal “no pressure” since either person can walk away after a drink or two. Or at least that’s the conventional thinking. Paying for drinks and greasy bar food on a first date is a waste of money. There are so many other ways I would have rather spent that money.

I have wanted to take first dates to a batting cage, on a Central Park boat ride, or to play laser tag. However, I haven’t followed through with any of those ideas out of fear the girl would be turned off by the suggestions.

As one of my girlfriends told me, “Don’t be cute with your e-mails, texts, or phone conversations early on. Keep the first date simple and then once you’re on the date you can show her how funny or how much fun you are.”

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I guess a girl wouldn’t want balls flying at her head on the first date or to be stuck in the water for an extended period of time with a guy she barely knows. As for laser tag, I have searched places to play, but there aren’t any in New York City. I still think laser tag would be an awesome first date. However, the train ride to Queens or Long Island would be a major buzz kill and the laser tag would have to be the greatest game ever to make it worth the ride out of the city and the sweaty one back in.

If girls didn’t know this by now, most guys want do things on dates. We’re doers. We don’t want to sit around and talk. Have you ever seen a bunch of guys just sitting around and talking? If you answered yes, open your eyes because you’re not very observant. The answer is no. Usually, there’s a sports game on TV, footballs being thrown, video games being played, or at the very least, beers in hand.

That said, a lot of my guy friends have dates they’d want to take girls out on, like me, but shy away not knowing whether or not the girl would be interested.

“I would love to do a mountaineering weekend in the middle of the winter,” Andy, a 23-year-old from Philadelphia, who hiked the Appalachian Trail as one of three members from, said. “But who would want to do that with me? There’d be avalanches, frost bite, and the only way to keep warm would be cuddling naked in a sleeping bag.”

You thought that one was original? Wait, it gets better…

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0 thoughts on “First Dates Guys Thought Up But Would Be Scared To Try Out

  1. Oh Andy, if only you were interested in 31 year olds living states away from you, then I’d love to go mountaineering. I took a long, moderately strenuous day hike over the weekend and the people I went with complained about being sweaty the whole time. I, for one, am quite alright with being sweaty. Take that as you will.

    As an aside, in my book, the first date invitation to his place is indeed creepy, sketchy and far, far too presumptuous. I automatically write off guys who suggest such dates for those reasons. I like the pastry idea because you can’t go wrong with decadent sweets, and it’s kinda quirky, which shows the guy put some thought into it. It’s casual but cute and fun.

  2. I would much rather sit and talk over coffee,pastry,ice cream,whatever than going to a smoky loud bar where you can’t hear each other or even see each other. Going to his place is the only one that sounds like a lousy idea for a first date. Where do I meet a guy like the ones in this article?

  3. I have taken first dates miniature golfing after lunch and sat down in the snack bar amid the arcade melee and discussed life, the universe and everything over a couple of bottomless sodas. I have also played pool after a first date dinner dinner, climbed Chimney Rock after a breakfast first date. I get to find out what kind of person they are because it is not easy to do something out of your comfort zone and keep up your facade.

  4. I prefer simple. But that’s because I don’t really know the guy, and the idea of playing something like laser tag or going mountain climbing with someone I’m not sure I’m even interested in yet seems too much. I need to figure out if I want to see him again. So, talking seems like the best way to do that.

  5. The best first date I ever went on was a picnic in the park – that he brought – and a visit to an art museum. The picnic would work for just about anyone. The other activity would be optional. We went to the museum and then ate. That way you can sit and talk for as long as it feels right.

    Watch out for the pastries, though. I love the idea, but can’t eat sweets. I think an activity date is a lot of fun. Perhaps a semipro team rather than the big leagues or a lesser known artist of some sort. It’s still fun and less expensive. #10’s idea is great, too.

  6. The best first date I’ve had guys…Dinner at a casual resturant, followed by a driving around to find somewhere to talk, then sitting on the benches overlooking the water and just getting to know each other. Once we started talking somewhere quiet, we learned A LOT about one another.

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