First Look: Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz and Dick' (It's Happening)

The first images have surfaced of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor. Yea or nay?
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And finally, here’s the first official shot of Lindsay and Grant as Liz and Dick, which, according to E! Online, was shot last Tuesday at Lifetime’s studios. They went with a black-and-white shot instead of color to get that vintage Hollywood look. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she looks the most like Elizabeth Taylor in this one; after all, this image had all the benefits of an official photo shoot, including lighting, posing, a photographer who really knows what he’s doing, and digital editing.

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So what do you think, Bettys? Are you still as skeptical as I am about whether or not LiLo is going to be able to pull this one off? I mean, don’t get me wrong—I’m glad that she’s finally sorting herself out and working again—but at the same time, I’m still not entirely convinced that she’s got the chops to do Liz Taylor justice.

Then again, I said it myself earlier: It IS a Lifetime movie, so there’s really only so much we can expect from it.

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0 thoughts on “First Look: Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in 'Liz and Dick' (It's Happening)

  1. What were they thinking? She looks vaguely like Natalie Wood but not close to Elizabeth. But as you said, it is only a Lifetime TV movie and I guess we shouldn’t expect much from it.

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