Fit Gift Ideas For Everyone On Your Shopping List

these are fit-friendly gift ideas for everyone on your christmas shopping list

‘Tis the Season

Fit Gift Ideas

Healthy gifts for all

-Jill Jordan

Finding the perfect presents for your loved ones can be tough … unless you know they love to work out. Then it should be easy, as a wide variety of fitness gear and gadgets are out there, and they make great gifts. And even if your loved ones don’t LOVE working out, they probably know they should be getting healthier, and your gift may provide just the boost they need.

Here are a few of our favorite fitness gifts:

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit

Gaiam Total Body Balance Ball Kit: This all-in-one wonder exercises the abs, back, glutes, hips, arms and other muscles. It comes with a balance ball, an inflation pump and a resistance band. Perfect for: your reality-TV obsessed sister-in-law, who wants to work out in front of the tube.

Tai Chi Beginner’s Kit

Tai Chi Beginner’s Kit: Here’s another all-in-one wonder that serves a different purpose. The kit comes with a sand-filled ball, a DVD and a booklet. The DVD will show you how to use the ball to move your body like waves, clouds and other forms of nature, and the booklet instructs you on exercising the soul. Perfect for: your type A workaholic boyfriend who could use some time in the clouds.


FitDecks for Moms: These decks of cards contain workouts especially for moms. They range from pre- and postnatal exercises to exercises you can perform at the playground or while pushing the stroller. Who knew balancing motherhood and your health could be so easy? Perfect for: your best friend, who is constantly complaining that her postbaby bod and Jessica Alba’s have nothing in common.

klean kanteen

Stainless Steel Stocking Stuffer: Already have a workout regimen? The stainless steel is nonleaching and a good eco-conscious choice over piles of plastic water bottles. And who doesn’t need a good water bottle while they work out? Perfect for: your tree-hugging niece or nephew.

groove pants

Lululemon Groove Pants: This style is one of my favorites. Lululemon offers not only quality workout clothing and a great fit but also an inspiring brand culture. You can order by phone (listed on the website) or visit one of their stores. Perfect for: yourself.

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