Five Best Ways to Rekindle Your Romance

Reignite the fires!
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Five Best Ways To Rekindle Your Romance

Reignite the fires!


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Well, let’s get this straight. All relationships in the beginning are filled with passionate romance, polite compliments, regular meetings, and countless visits to the coffee house. Just after two to three years down the romantic lane, one starts to witness strange emotions in their relationship. It can be anything from getting accustomed to the monotony, taking each other for granted, or countless intake of coffee—but alone! Now just take a pause, and think if you felt such a strange outburst of emotion. What exactly have you done to fix it? Don’t worry—we have consolidated five simple and exciting ways to revive that old romance in you love birds:  

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1. Communicate: First things first, sit together with your spouse and take a walk down memory lane. Remind yourself of the things which initially excited you and kept you craving to be with each other. It could be your adorable smile, long drives, library dates, or your pair of hot shorts which you used to wear to college. Whatever it is, give that reason a credit which brought you together, and relive it. Enjoy the season of love and promise to fall in love all over again.  

2. Shed That Extra Weight: Girls, its simple! Spice up your love life by losing the extra kilos. It needs your dedication but trust me it’s worth it. And remember it’s not only for your relationship, but also for yourself. It not only injects confidence in you, but will also get your spouse’s heart beating faster. So take charge of that treadmill, and work towards a happy body.

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