5 Quick Style Fixes In Case You Bump Into Mr. Right

5 Quick Fashion & Beauty Fixes - just in case you run into Mr. Right!
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5 Quick Fashion & Beauty Fixes

Fashion and beauty advice …. just in case you run into Mr. Right!

-Lois Joy Johnson

Selena GomezForget about planning what to wear for dates, it’s the everyday, unexpected “bump-intos” that count. To quote John Lennon: “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you. When your eyes are red and puffy, your hair is a frizzy wiggy mess, you’re wearing a shlumpty-dumpty outfit and bloated from last night’s pretzel and chips binge …  a “potential” always appears. For example, you’re at the dentist for a cleaning and a Gerard Butler look-alike walks in (we should all be so lucky!). 

Everyone has a bad hair day or struggles to put a decent outfit together when their laundry basket is overflowing, but how do you pull it together quickly and easily when you’re dashing to the store for a quart of milk? Here are the five essentials to always have in hand (or, rather stashed in your hobo — a good reason to not carry a clutch) to make sure you’re not going to scare off any potential Mr. Rights (or even Mr. Right Nows) you bump into at the 7-Eleven:

Long scarf1. A long cardigan in a skin-enhancing color. This will divert attention from whatever closet dredges you may have grabbed that day and pare your silhouette – leave it open. Go for something in the red, coral, pink range, which works like blush to add glow and warmth to your face. Topshop cotton knit and lace coral cardigan ($80, topshop.com)

2. A long metallic scarf to loop around your neck. You can yank this out of your bag and artfully drape it on in less time than it takes to smile. It adds sparkle near the face fast – you’re not going to haul out diamond chandeliers at this point! G By Guess gauzy sheer metallic threaded stripes in cotton/ lurex ($19.50, gbyguess.com)

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0 thoughts on “5 Quick Style Fixes In Case You Bump Into Mr. Right

  1. if Betty readers could see me, they would witness me bouncing up and down in my seat. super psyched!

    I have a few of the articles already on the list. H&M (my #1 go-to store) has similar scarves for cheaper 😉

  2. Haha is it terrible if I always have a beret on me anyway, you know just in case I have to pretend to be french or something? oh well, great tips! It’s a good thing I have a large bag

  3. I love my big black glasses, not only do they hide my dark circles but they also make it so I don’t have direct eye contact with someone I know (so I can pretend I didn’t see them when I’m looking a mess). They are a definite must have at all times!

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