5 Decorating Tips for Any Room

Debbie Contardi, of Crazybdesign.com, offers 5 fun, no, or low-cost ideas that will dress up any room!

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5 Decorating Tips

Fun, no or low-cost ideas to dress up any room

-Debbie Contardi, crazybdesign.com

Bored with your current digs? Here are few ways to spruce and spice up your living quarters without spending a bunch of dollars!

1. Vintage Bling

pinned curtain

Dust off these fabulous pieces and don’t keep them in the bottom of your jewel box! When you’re not wearing that fabulous broach you found at your favorite vintage store use it to add bling to a room … pin it to a pillow, use it to tie back a curtain or add it to a lamp shade.

2. Have Glue Gun … will Decorate

fringed lamps

Heat up that glue gun and have some fun. Add cloth flowers, buttons or interesting fabrics to plain-Jane surfaces. Adding a little jewel fringe around the bottom of hanging lights over the kitchen island instantly turns the kitchen workspace into an elegant and magical place!

3. Body Shop fixes

body shop colorful chairs

Got rusty old chairs in the garage? Chipped wicker furniture? They may seem like they’ve seen better days, but a quick visit to the body shop (yes, auto-body shop) can turn tired old into shiny new. Check out the vibrant colors of these vintage motel chairs – all done at the local body shop! This fabulous vintage refrigerator was rescued and painted a pale cotton candy pink – how yummy!

a pink fridge

4. Cha-Cha-Chandeliers!

Chandeliers can be hands-down the best accessory for any room! The twinkle and sparkle of a chandelier adds enchantment and whimsy. Chandeliers in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms – go to town chandelier lovers! PS – the chandelier doesn’t necessarily have to work. If it looks beautiful and makes you happy use it and enjoy!

5. A Little Something Extra

tea set on an ottoman

Tiny touches can make a world of difference. A few hints:

– Add a tea set to an ottoman
– Add a serving tray to the end of a bed
– Drape a throw blanket across the sofa, chase or chair

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0 thoughts on “5 Decorating Tips for Any Room

  1. I have a couple of serving trays getting dusty in my kitchen cabinet… I am going to go get them out and put on my guest bed for when friends and family come to visit! Thanks for the idea :)

  2. Great ideas–they seem so simple–I wish I could think of them myself. I am going to try to glue seasonal ornaments to my lampshades–Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s…I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. What a great idea to do with vintage jewelry! Quick and I love the tie back idea. We have a B&B and this is a great way to change and add sparkle to a room for $0….my kind of price. Thank you Debbie and Betty.

  4. WOW! That photo of the kitchen with the white cabinets could be MY KITCHEN, from the stove, to the kitchen island, and the lazy susan in the corner and the sink — it’s exactly the layout and cabinets in MY KITCHEN! SO WEIRD! ALthough mine doesn’t look THAT Glamorous!

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