Flirting For Favors

7 Steps to free stuff!
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Flirting For Favors

7 Steps to free stuff!

-Carrie Seim

Flirting for Favors

I once talked a car down off a tow truck. It took thirty minutes of sweet talk, two West Hollywood sheriffs and one extremely short sundress. But I got that car down. To this day, I point to the great Tow Truck Escape as my claim to flirting fame.

Women rarely realize the great untapped resource of feminine persuasion. From talking a car off a tow truck to talking AT&T into a refund for all those dropped calls – you’d be amazed at what you can get with just a sugary voice and a smile. (Not that the skill is limited to women, I’ve met men who could flirt me under the table …).

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Flirting For Favors, or FFF, has become a bit of a sport for me. I set myself challenges (airline upgrades, cupcake samples) and enjoy the spoils of my coquetry. I’m confident that my Triple F card will serve me well should I ever end up in a real emergency – like getting locked in a Tulsa jail or encountering an unexpected sale at Filene’s.

However, I’m careful no one is ever harmed by handing me favors, and that I’m never depending on someone to save me rather than learning to save myself. It’s like carrying a AAA card – doesn’t make you less of a woman to have a little insurance in your pocket.

Here are seven steps to fruitful FFFing:

1. Say hello.
Never, ever rush into a demand without saying hello first. Always open by smiling and asking your new pal how he’s doing today. Customer service agents deal with angry callers constantly, so a friendly How are you doing today, John? goes a long way. Then actually listen to his answer and try a few genuine follow-up questions to create a quick bond.

2. Humanize.
Next, personalize your dilemma: I’m here in my kitchen in Nebraska and just picked up my phone bill – I’m wondering if you could help me out with a better deal after all these silly dropped calls. The point is to connect on a human level – through geography, jobs, family situations, etc. – as quickly as possible.

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0 thoughts on “Flirting For Favors

  1. Love FFF! Sometimes it works without even trying. The other day, I just made the train but didn’t have time to buy a ticket. I only had $8 on me and thought I was going to get thrown off, but the conductor totally hooked me up and let me stay!

  2. Joan Rivers used to use FFF as a code with her daughter when they wished to get preferred treatment – in their case it meant “Flash the Famous Face” – and you can always get more bees with honey than with vinegar – no scraping and bowing, just knowing your target and handling it with the right weapon – when I need to talk with my husband about an outrageous credit card bill, I put on a short little nothing first – then we talk – I’m always forgiven..

  3. I have but one question, she said she was wearing an extremely short sundress. It was implied I think that she flashed beaver at the guys (showed her panties). Trust me, it works on guys every time.

    Just saying

  4. I’ve used this but mostly in real emergencies. This one time the train I was in became “an express train” halfway. I was going to have to get off and wait for the next one, and be really late for the university class I was teaching. I flirted the guy into stopping at my station. He was so sweet, he gave me an apple as well.
    Another time, running late for the airport I managed to flirt my cabbie into giving me a hand with my bags down 5 floors, and then into the airport. Of course, I gave him a $20 tip afterwards.
    In general, for small things, I don’t like to use this trick. It feels to me inconsistent with my idea of equal rights. If I can get it done, I’ll get it done. If I have to sit in economy, or pay a larger phone bill, so be it. For something like that, I wouldn’t go the FFF route.

  5. agreed!! – I usually only pay cash, but on a rate occasion I will use the credit card – we pay it off immediately,so our debt is not out of control, but he still hates my using it – that little nothing I wore got me out of a long lecture and made a grumpy hunk into a happy hunk – p.s. – thanks so much for the concern, it was really sweet of you!

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