Forget the Girl Pushups When Exercising

Tips from Jon-Erik Kawamoto on how to do the perfect push-up

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Forget the Girl Pushups When Exercising

Get a step on perfect pushups

-Jon-Erik Kawamoto

Girl Push-upsI don’t know what girl pushups are. Never have. If I get clients that can’t do push ups, I progress them by using stair push ups – a great way to teach proper push up technique and a great way to measure progress while exercising.

Getting Started

1. Start at a stair level where you can perform a proper push up – usually stair number four.

2. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width apart. Go on your toes and brace your core to maintain the plank position.

3. Lower your body straight into the edge of the step you’re on. Your elbows should be slightly “tucked” or lower than your shoulders. You shouldn’t have 90 degrees at your armpit. At the bottom position, the step should be at mid-sternum level.

4. Press your body away from the step and lock your elbows. That is one repetition.

Remember when performing push ups to not shrug your shoulders and to feel the stretch in your chest at the bottom of the push up. Also, don’t poke you chin forward at the bottom of the push up.

Stair push-up

Moving to the Floor

Progress your push ups down the steps until you’re performing floor push ups. The technique described above will apply to all push up positions (all stair levels to floor).

A sample progression might look like this:

Stair number four: five sets of five repetitions (5×5) for three workouts
Stair number three, 5×5 for three workouts
Stair number two 5×5 for three workouts
Stair number one 5×5 for three workouts
Finally finishing with floor push ups, 5×5.

If you can’t perform push ups at the lower stair, perform another workout of 5×5 for a 4th workout or until you can move to the next stair.

Using these techniques while exercising will have you sporting awesome arms before you know it!

Jon-Erik Kawamoto is a Strength Coach and owner of JKConditioning in Burnaby, BC, Canada. For more information and testimonials, check out

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  1. The one area I’ve really been wanting to improve upon are my arms. So these are great tips! I’m going to print them out and stick them to my door! :)

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