Four Dating Dos

Four things to do to make dating life a little less painful. Aka four dating dos.
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Four Dating Dos

Four things to do to make dating life a little less painful.

-Julie Dater

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Until my older brother got married a few years ago, I never had an older sister. And when I was growing up we didn’t have the Internet until I was in 8th grade (No INTERNET?!) So when it came to learning about things like boys, or the birds and the bees, I couldn’t exactly open up the B volume of the encyclopedia and thumb through for all of life’s important lessons. And as much as I love my mother, there was no way in the world I could ever just casually pour a bowl of Cheerios before my first day of 8th grade and say, “Mom, what’s foreplay?”

A few months ago I joined the world of online dating. And the past 6 months have been a crash course in all things men. Which makes me wonder, if I had a little sister who was taking the digital dating dive, what advice would I have to offer?

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1. Be wary the profile photo. If all 8 photos on Craig’s profile are of him out partying in his freshest dragon decal T-shirts surrounded by his boyz and some dope honeys and you’re down to party then jump on it. However, if you’re not in da club every other night, steer clear. Because clearly Craig wants a girl who has to rage out 24/7. What Craig really needs is a personal shopper. So even if you find a subject very attractive, pay heed to his surroundings. If you don’t see yourself taking a similar photo, you probably don’t have much in common. But if Jared has a picture with his sister, one jogging and maybe another hanging out in a dive bar watching football with friends, and you enjoy family, sports and friends as well, then you’re on to something.

2. Avoid smoothtypers. Any man who calls a total stranger Babe, Sweetie or Hun in the first email he shoots her way should be discarded stat. It’s gross. Reminds me of those creepy guys who wear gold necklaces and are always flashing a smug smile, even if they’re responsible for a 12-car pileup. Those guys always have their backs slightly arched and their right hands on their stomachs, you ever notice that? Or if a guy emails you and tells you that he’s in finance and lists his salary in his profile then we all know something’s going on (or not going on) downstairs. He’s better off putting a sock in his boxers. Confidence is promising, but compensating is foul.

For dating do’s 3 and 4, read on…

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  1. Cute piece! Although, am I the only one who likes to hold off on the google search until after the first date? I don’t like it when a date has googled me before we meet, and I like to give the guy a chance in person before finding out everything online.

  2. @Fashionista: I agree. You don’t want to go into a first date having already judged the guy you’re meeting. It’s better to give your date a chance first.

  3. There are people who have had their personal information removed from search sites for personal or professional reasons, and nothing short of having their social security numbers to go by will allow you to find any data on them. If you can’t find anything at all about the person you’re dating using a basic search, there’s probably a reason for it.

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