Four Ways to Improve Your Luck

Getting lucky (or luckier!) may be all in your head. Here's how to find your proverbial pot of gold.
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If one or more of these characteristics of lucky people don’t seem to apply to you, take heart. You can actually learn to become luckier in life. Here are a few of Wiseman’s methods to try:

1. Keep a “Luck Journal.” Get to know your inner voice of wisdom. Write about times when you’ve followed your hunches and how each worked out for you. Also, explore ways in which you might be pulling back from opportunities when they present themselves. How could you improve your luck-inducing skills?

2. Be a collector of people, ideas and experiences. Be willing to take small steps out of your comfort zone. Use each chance encounter that “feels right” as a starting point for greater understanding and connection in your life. And try not to take rejection personally—others’ reactions to you may depend on their own behavioral traits and willingness to be lucky, too.

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3. Visualize yourself having good luck. For any upcoming challenge, such as a meeting, date or interview, imagine yourself dealing with it confidently and successfully. Include in your visualization as much detail as possible, such as what you wear, what you say and how others react to you.

4. Reframe “bad luck” as “good luck.” Don’t dwell on the misfortune you experience. Instead, find the silver lining and consider the possibility that what seems unlucky right now might actually pay off for you in a positive way down the road in the form of redirected opportunities and unexpected options.

Remember, being lucky is not predetermined—it’s attainable. According to Wiseman, “All you need is a genuine desire for transformation and a willingness to view your luck in a radically new way.”

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