Freebies and the Fate of Jon & Kate

Will a hiatus bring the reality celebs a reality check?


Freebies and the Fate of Jon & Kate

Will a hiatus bring the reality celebs a reality check?

-Stephanie Elliot

Jon and KateAs much as we want to, we just can’t tear ourselves away from the reality TV family that has become a sensational train wreck, and every day some more news on their relationship, their family and their future surfaces. Yes, we’re talking Jon & Kate. Again.

TLC is finally showing some moral direction though and has halted the filming of the show. Jon & Kate will take a hiatus until filming begins again August 3, just in time for the sextuplets to start kindergarten.

The LA Times reported that, “Because of all the turmoil in the Gosselin’s marriage, TLC does not have enough footage to put together new episodes right now as its production schedule had become very last minute. Episodes this season were often completed as late as the day of airing.”

Maybe that’s because we didn’t know if Jon would be in Utah snowboarding, or if he’d be out with his ‘girlfriend,’ 23-year old Deanna Hummel, with whom he still denies there has been an affair. But recent rumors swirling from The New York Daily News suggest that she may make some guest appearances on future episodes. I can just see Deanna and Kate traipsing off for mani-pedis while Kate demands Jon stay home with their brood. Now THAT would make for some fabulous reality TV.

While divorce proceedings have already started, it remains to be seen if the freebies for the family will continue. And if you’ve heard so much about Jon & Kate lately that you can’t stomach any more, the amount of freebies they receive for doing their show will really make you ill.

It’s no secret that all the events they attend are comped, from cake-decorating excursions, to Crayola Factory and Chocolate World visits. Kate’s tummy tuck, Jon’s hair implants (that don’t seem to be working very well), and the couple’s teeth-whitening were also free, but did you know the family received an organic COW, the kids’ beds and their two purebred German Shepherds (that Kate didn’t want) gratis? And that for each show they film, the family is paid $75,000? Do they need any more money or swag? Or is greed pushing them to the outer limits of reality?

Other freebies throughout the show’s five seasons include carpeting, solar house panels, musical instruments, tickets to events such as ball games, amusement parks, theaters, zoos and museums, all their vacations (including the 30th birthday trip Kate surprised Jon with to Key West), grocery gift cards and diapers their first year. Come to think of it, I’m wondering if they ever had to purchase a single diaper for the sextuplets.

With so much free stuff, it’s hard to feel sorry for the family. It’s also hard to imagine them ever wanting to quit doing the show. It is THEIR reality, and unfortunately, at the expense of a marriage that might have survived otherwise, there’s no stopping the Gosselins from reaping the rewards. As Kate said in Monday’s episode, “The show must go on.” The marriage can end, but the show must go on? That is a pretty warped reality if you ask me, but once again, this is reality TV.

I am just waiting for the marriage counselors to step in and offer their assistance for free, or maybe they already know it’s a lost cause. No matter, because you can bet there’ll be more people than ever tuning in when they begin taping again in August to find out the Fate of Jon & Kate!

Stephanie Elliot is an associate editor at Betty, and she also answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. Visit her at or

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0 thoughts on “Freebies and the Fate of Jon & Kate

  1. It’s ridiculous – all the free stuff they’ve received. No one really realizes it … Fame and money will take a toll on your family/personal life, that’s for sure.

  2. No kidding. They should have plenty of money now. Honestly — the network should stop airing them. It’s pure child exploitation. If Jon and Kate won’t make the right decision for their children, TLC should. The show MUST NOT go on!!!

  3. the execs at TLC should get fired because they signed their souls away to the devil – so should jon and kate with her buschwacked hair! – lame!

  4. Yeah, doesn’t TLC stand for THE LEARNING CHANNEL??? Hahaha, that is a joke. They are just learning how to exploit their family! And Deborah, you’re right–those crooked houses were free too — did you catch how all the kids were “advertising” the houses by wearing t-shirts during that episode! I loved how one article mentioned the irony of the episode–crooked houses and now a broken home! Just too sad, but too much fun to turn away from — other people’s drama!

  5. I bet the Crooked House company did more than just give them the houses and T-Shirts for free, their website was down the night that show aired because so many people were trying to check them out! I agree w/ alterego too, they should stop filming for the kids sake. No amount of freebies – trips toys etc. will make up for the pain this will cause those poor kids.
    And lotsowritin25 -i agree w/ you on Kate’s hair, my daughter and i call it “the wall of hair” that she has down one side of her face!

  6. I imagine that their survival does not depend on free cows and dogs. People are have a news orgy on these peoples lives. With all that is going on the world .like Iran , and the economy, I am willing to bet if all those voieurs chaneled ther interests to those issue, perhaps we could solve some of them.

  7. If people want the show to stop airing they could simply stop watching it. If the world agrees and they lose viewers than its over. If the world wants to see the drama then they will surely continue making them.

    I choose not to tune in…mostly because I don’t have time and I don’t care about their life’s mess while I have more important things to do like play with my own messed up kids! LOL

  8. We can only blame ourselves for the media circus that Jon & Kate Plus 8 have become.
    I have an idea…if we all stop watching the show, buying the DVDs & books, etc…I bet they will go away! Yippee, skippee!

  9. It seems like Jon wants to stop the show all together in order for the kids to have a, somewhat, normal life, but he can’t make or force Ms. Free Swag with the sideways mullet to understand that stopping the show IS in the best interest of THEIR kids.

    As a side note: Someone mentioned about the free musical instruments that Cara & Mady had received….noticed how they’ve stopped playing them….which tends to happen.

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