From Gummy Bears to Video Games: 12 Unexpected Yet Fabulous 2012 Fashion Moments

From a modeling grandpa to Karl Lagerfeld's overly pampered kitty, here are 12 style happenings to remember!
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11. Math Homework Gets a New Purpose

math homework dress

Speaking of creative dresses, a Canadian teen named Kara Koskowich stitched her old math assignments into a graduation dress. According to the Huffington Post, the 17-year-old rocked the paper frock to her 2012 commencement ceremony. We’re assuming her math teachers weren’t too happy about it.

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12. Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Scores Two Maids and a Fashion Spread

Choupette in sink

Oh, how we would give anything to walk a day in Choupette’s well-groomed paws! This past June, we caught wind that Karl Lagerfeld’s precious Siamese kitty (that also goes by the names Princess Choupette and Miss Choupette) has two maids. He explained to WWD:

“She has lunch and dinner with me on the table, with her own food… She sleeps under a pillow and she even knows how to use an iPad. She has two personal maids, for both night and day. She is beyond spoiled. When I am not there, the maids take down, in little books, everything she did, from what she ate to how she behaved, if she was tired, and if she wasn’t sleeping.”

In August 2012, the bright-eyed ball of fluff was featured in her first fashion magazine spread, which you can check out here. King Karl, can you adopt us, too?

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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