From Kim Novak to Janet Leigh: A Look at Alfred Hitchcock's Best Leading Ladies

In honor of 'Hitchcock,' we've rounded up 11 of the filmmaker's iconic leading ladies. Get ready to scream!
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6. Doris Day – The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

Though Doris Day apparently wasn’t so fond of Hitchcock as a director—his “If you weren’t doing what I liked, you’d know” style didn’t quite work for her—her performance of “Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)” won The Man Who Knew Too Much’s signature song an Oscar. Que sera sera, indeed!

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7. Vera Miles – The Wrong Man (1956), Psycho (1960)

Vera Miles

Hitchcock made plenty of films based off of true stories; usually, though, he changed the stories so much that the original tales ended up being more of an inspiration than an actual script. The Wrong Man, however, stuck mostly to the facts in the case of accused but innocent robber Manny Balestrero (Henry Fonda). Vera Miles played Manny’s wife Rose in the flick before going on to play Janet Leigh’s sister, Lila, in Psycho four years later. Hitchcock famously tried to make the stunning Vera dowdy for Psycho with… shall we say, questionable results.

8. Kim Novak – Vertigo (1958)

Kim Novak

Kim Novak’s dual role as Madeleine Elster and Judy Barton in Vertigo is undoubtedly one of the most memorable of all of Hitchcock’s leading ladies—and as such, reactions to it were pretty polarized. Some, for example, called Kim’s performance “little more than competent”; others, meanwhile, hailed it as “one of the major female performances in the cinema.”

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