G-Spot, The Spot?

Facts and fictions on the g-spot. Doe it really exist?

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G-Spot, The Spot?

Fact or fiction?

-Dr. Lissa Rankin, OB/GYN on Call and Amber Madison, Sexpert

G-spotMuch like the Loch Ness monster and the Bermuda Triangle, the G-Spot has a bit of an elusive existence. Technically, it’s not there. Sexually, many women can’t imagine their lives without it. So what is the G-Spot, where is it, and does it live up the hype?

Does the G-Spot really exist?

Dr. Rankin: According to the teacher in my Gross Anatomy lab, the answer is no. When we were gently dissecting the vagina, someone asked, “So where’s the G-Spot,” and my teacher, with his thick Eastern European accent, said, “Zer is no G-Spot in ze human female.” Okay, good to know. The rest of my medical training pretty much agreed with my Gross Anatomy professor. We were taught that the clitoris is the cornerstone of sexual arousal, and that those who swear they orgasm from vaginal intercourse do so by stimulating the clitoris through positioning, such that something is rubbing the clitoris directly or indirectly. But as is the case with much I learned in medical school, my patients tell me otherwise. Over the years, thousands of patients swear that there is a place on the anterior wall of the vagina that just hits the spot. So I asked an expert in the field once, and he told me that studies have been done where every part of the female vagina has been examined under the microscope, and there is nothing on the anterior wall of the vagina that looks any different than the rest of the vagina. Therefore, the G-Spot does not exist. Period. But I believe in many things I cannot see, so this rationale doesn’t completely work for me. Do I think there’s really a G-Spot? Yup. I think so. Is it the end-all be-all of sex? Nope.

Where is the G-Spot?

Dr. Rankin: Those who swear by the G-Spot say it lies 2-3 inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall, just under the bladder. They describe this area as having a different ridgey texture than the rest of the smooth vagina (although I can tell you from examining tens of thousands of vaginas that all healthy vaginas before menopause are ridgey all over). Those who live for the G-Spot tell me that the sensations they experience from stimulation of the G-Spot are completely different than those they feel from stimulation of the clitoris. While the clitoris is much more sensitive and easily aroused, the G-Spot requires much deeper stimulation, but supposedly, results in much deeper orgasms. Is this true? It must be. Too many women say so – and I’m more inclined to believe them than the Eastern European Gross Anatomy teacher who swears it isn’t so. (For more anatomy, refer to the Pretty Pink Pussy Post)

What sex positions are the best for stimulating the G-Spot?

Amber: Any sex position where the penis is rubbing against the front wall of the vagina is a good position to “hit the spot.” Many women find that doggy style, reverse cowgirl (girl on top turned backwards), or any other position where a guy is entering from behind works well. Whether you think you enjoy G-Spot stimulation or not, trying new sex positions can never be a bad idea. Many women will tell you that their bodies are changing with age. Positions that may not have done much for you a few years ago may feel completely different now.

Why can’t I find my G-Spot?

Dr. Rankin: If you’ve read the manuals, tried all the techniques, and can’t seem to locate your G-Spot, I’m with you, girlfriend. I am one of the MANY women who cannot personally find mine. Frankly, the clitoris works just fine for me, thank you very much, but I’m totally supportive of those women and their partners who want to go looking for their G-Spots. Happy hunting! I’m all about sexual exploration. Sure, Own Your Sexuality, see if you can experience multiple orgasms, work your way through the Kama Sutra, and hunt for that elusive G-Spot. But if you can’t find your G-Spot, don’t fret. You’re not alone. Most women can only experience orgasms through direct stimulation of the clitoris. While some of these women can orgasm through vaginal intercourse, it’s usually because they’ve mastered the art of positioning themselves and their partners into such a position that the clitoris gets some tender loving care. Remember that the ultimate goal of sex is intimacy. If you’re feeling sexually satisfied, don’t let yourself or your partner stress about achieving something beyond what you already have. You might get so caught up in G-Spot hunting that you forget to have fun.

If I find my G-Spot can I forget about my clitoris?

Amber: It’s very possible that you really enjoy vaginal stimulation or even the stimulation of one spot a few inches up your vagina. It’s also possible that as good as that feels, you can’t have an orgasm unless your clitoris is being stimulated as well. In that case, think of your G-Spot as something that adds to your orgasms, but doesn’t necessarily create them. Needing clitoral stimulation in order to have an orgasm doesn’t necessarily mean that your G-Spot doesn’t exist; it means it may act more as a booster shot. But no matter how sensitive your G-Spot, think of it as something that works with the clitoris, as opposed to instead of it.

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