Geek Girl: First Look at the 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Trailer and More!

The world's hottest pepper, 'Game of Thrones' nursery rhymes and lots of videos too!

Geek Girl: First Look at  the ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ Trailer and More!

The world’s hottest pepper, ‘Game of Thrones’ nursery rhymes and lots of videos too!

-Lucia Peters and PJ Gach

abraham lincoln vampire hunter

Since it’s Friday (hooray, callooo, calllay!), we’ve rounded up a special edition of Geek Girl– one in which you’ll smile, go “ooh” and “ahhh” over boar piglets in love with a French Bulldog. You’ll giggle at a woolly mammoth hoax and Game of Thrones nursery rhymes and get scared at the Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer.

Why is it special? ‘Cause every story we’ve gathered here is one that ought to make you laugh!… We hope.

Game of Thrones: Nursery Rhyme Edition

 game of thrones

Those of you who are familiar with George R. R. Martin’s epic A Song of Ice and Fire and its corresponding television show, Game of Thrones, know that to call the series “fantasy” would be like calling Star Wars “hard science:” That is, they are absolutely nothing like those things. Sure, A Song of Ice and Fire takes place in a world where there are dragons, and sure, there’s some magic involved in most of the proceedings; but what makes it great is that it isn’t your standard, fluffy, escapist sword-and-sorcery. What makes it great is that that it’s gritty, and real, and messy, and totally about a world at war with itself. And most of the time, it ain’t pretty.

So here’s a funny thing: I wonder what happens when you combine the sort of world depicted in A Song of Ice and Fire with classic nursery rhymes such as “Jack and Jill,” “Baa Baa Black Sheep,” and “Little Miss Muffet?” Well… you’re about to find out. And it’s laugh-out-loud hilarious. Who would’ve thought that going up a hill to fetch a pail of water could be so perilous? Or that Little Miss Muffet laid out such a feast for her midday snack? And don’t even get me started on the Black Sheep’s lineage. Check out it here. Happy Friday!


Love Knows No Bounds: A Bulldog “Adopts” Baby Boars

bulldog adopts baby boars

Since it’s Friday, we’ve got to give you an “awww” moment and here it is! Is that photo adorb or what? The worried dog looking over Norbert Damm of the Lehnitz animal sanctuary shoulder is a little French Bulldog named Baby.

The animal sanctuary is located outside of Berlin, Germany. It’s known for taking in abandoned animals. 8-year-old Baby’s been a foster mom to bunnies, cats and other animals. She’s got that mommy instinct down pat. A few days ago, six orphaned baby wild boars were brought to the sanctuary after being found freezing in a forest. There’s speculation that their mom was killed by a hunter. You see, wild boars are pretty common in Germany. You can find them living very close to big cities (wonder if they commute?).

Anyway…..the moment the striped, fur babies were brought in, Baby went right on over to them and does what she does best, mommy them. According to Damm, “She thinks they’re her own babies.”

The piglets are being bottle-fed, but when it’s time to sleep, they curl up next to (and sometimes) on top of her. You can see in the below photo that they’re almost the same size as Baby.

baby the bulldog and baby wild boars

When they’re old enough, the boars will be released into a nature preserve. If you can ignore the silly puns like “Baby won’t be put into a corner” watch the below video of Baby playing with and taking care of the little ones.

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The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Trailer Is Finally Here!

abraham lincoln vampire hunter

In recent weeks, there’s been a lot of news about Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter hitting the streets. From production stills to behind-the-scenes videos, the film’s makers have certainly been making sure to keep our interest piqued. Case in point: The trailer has finally arrived! Check it out here:


It looks totally badass, and I couldn’t be happier. Hoorah! And here’s why: Topless Robot pointed out FilmDrunk’s“consternation at the film’s apparent lack of humor”—but like Topless Robot, it doesn’t bother me, though for a very different reason: There isn’t any in the book. And it is precisely that which makes it so brilliant.

The easy route would be to make the story a comedy: Lincoln? President? Tall hat? Vampires? Bwahahahahaha! Isn’t that HILARIOUS? And on the surface, yes, it is. But the beauty of the book—and the thing about it that surprised me the most—is that it ISN’T a comedy. It’s drop-dead serious. And you know what? I totally bought it. It worked. I couldn’t tell you why, but it did.

Raise your hand if you’re ready to watch star Benjamin Walker kick some major vampire behind!

The World’s Hottest Pepper

trinidad moruga scorpion

If you’re one of those people who are never, ever satisified with the “heat” of your spicy food, science has come to your rescue! Meet Trinidad Maruga Scorpion. It’s the world’s hottest pepper.

New Mexico State University’s Chile Pepper Institute, yes, there’s an entire body of higher learning devoted to peppers, conducted research on pepper heat. They planted 125 varieties of chili peppers (who knew there were that many?) including the Bhut Jolokia–a previous record holder, then harvested, ground and measured the spiciness of each pepper. The harvesting was not without dangers. According to Denise Coon, a senior research specialist, when she and two students harvested the pepper, their gloves literally melted. “The capsaicin kept penetrating the latex and soaking into the skin on our hands. That has never happened to me before.”

Why the intense, pardon the pun, push to find the world’s hottest pepper? Well hot sauce makers and food companies that specialize in using extremely hot peppers wanted to know what the definitively hottest pepper would be so that they could utilize it. if you’ve ever eaten “atomic flavored” wings, the companies behind those sauces can now make it hotter than nuclear fission.

After all the research, scientists measure the “heat” of the Trinidad Maruga Scorpion and yes, the pepper, which is the size of a golfball is the absolute hottest around. So how does it taste? Paul Bosland, the director of the Institute told the New York Daily News, “You take a bite. It doesn’t seem so bad, and then it builds and it builds and it builds. So it is quite nasty.”

And yet, people can’t wait to take a bite!

Is Anyone Surprised That the “Live Woolly Mammoth” Video Is a Hoax?

woolly mammoth

Because really, everything is a hoax these days, isn’t it? Case in point: Last week, British tabloid The Sun claimed to have acquired footage of a live woolly mammoth lurching through the icy waters of Siberia. The woolly mammoth, mind you, has been extinct since the Pleistocene era—roughly 2,588,000 to 11,700 years Before Present. The Sun wrote that the footage was shot in 2011 by “a government-employed engineer last summer in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug region of Siberia,” as well as that “its hair matches samples recovered from mammoth remains regularly dug up from the permafrost in frozen Russia.”

Well, duh: It’s a hoax. It turns out that the original footage was simply a river scene shot by a guy named Ludovic Petho during a 10-day backpacking trip through the Russian mountains. Petho told LiveScience, “I don’t recall seeing a mammoth; there were bears, deer, and sable… But no woolly mammoths. I had no idea my footage was used to make this fake sighting.” His footage has been on YouTube since July of 2011.

For the curious here’s the original footage:

And here’s the same footage with a woolly mammoth inserted by some Internet prankster with too much time on his hands:

Case closed!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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