Geek Girl: K Stew's New Movie Trailer and Dating Furbies

There's a baby planet, NASA's looking into using tractor beams, you can turn your car into a superhero-mobile and more!

Geek Girl: K Stew’s New Movie Trailer and Dating Furbies

There’s a baby planet, NASA’s looking into using tractor beams, you can turn your car into a superhero-mobile and more!

-Lucia Peters and PJ Gach

snow white

What a week! Snow White and the Huntsmen has been toying with us all week. First we see the new banner, and now the heart-stopping trailer. Ever want to know how to create a shrunken head? Star Trek’s tractor beams may be closer to reality than we think and we’ve found other cool stuff.

Read on for our latest round up.

Furbies Are From Mars, Siris Are From Venus


You all remember Furby, right? That strange, Gremlin-like toy that became absurdly popular in the late ‘90s and early 2000s? Well, Furby has been feeling lonely lately. And since there’s nothing sadder than a lonely Furby, the people behind the YouTube channel Awarehead Films set him up on a date—with none other than Siri, the new personal assistant AI boasted by the iPhone 4S.

Seems like a good idea, right? Siri and Furby, after all, do have some things in common: They’re both robots, they can both carry out conversations with their owners… what could go wrong?

But unfortunately, there’s a problem. No matter how much they would like to, Siri and Furby simply don’t get along. They have communication issues. You see, Siri’s AI is considerably more advanced than Furby’s. Though, yes, Furby can acquire knowledge over time (upon his awakening, a Furby speaks only “Furbish,” but can learn English if he hears enough people speak it in his presence), Siri already comes fully equipped with enough social graces to make for an interesting, if somewhat bizarre, date.  Subsequently, whenever they’re together, Furby always feels misunderstood, and Siri keeps getting frustrated because try as she might, she simply doesn’t get him. It’s like he’s speaking a different language.But hey, at least maybe one of them can get a book deal out of it. Furbies are from Mars, Siris are from Venus could be the next great dating guide!

Witness Furby and Siri’s disastrous date here:


Snow White and the Huntsmen Movie Trailer Revealed!

snow white

Next to the conclusion of Twilight, this movie has a lot of people squealing in anticipation. After all it’s got Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth (yummy), Charlize Theron and Lily Cole. Every once in awhile news trickles out from the set. We’ve heard about injuries and filming gossip. Now we’ve got the trailer! Not only is it gorgeous, it’s scary! Oooh, click and watch!

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Make Your Ride Heroic With DC Comics Superhero License Plates

superhero plates


Does your car wish it was a superhero? Or, more importantly, do you wish you were a superhero yourself? Because if either of these things is true, there’s a way to make it happen—as long as you live in Australia.

On November 30, the Vic Roads Custom Plates company of Australia will release its new line of DC Comic Superheroes license plates. They’ll feature Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Supergirl, Green Lantern, and the Flash, making it ridiculously easy to turn your car into, say, the Batmobile. However, it is regretfully unlikely that the Flash plates will enable your ride to zip through traffic as quickly as the Flash himself does.

Of course, the rest of us are horribly depressed that these snazzy custom plates will only be available for Australian drivers; but in the event that you do live Down Under, they’ll be available as an upgrade to your existing 3×3 General Issue plates and available for $195. Up, up, and away!

There’s a New Baby Planet!


University of Hawaii astronomer Adam Kraus and his colleague, Michael Ireland of Macqiure University, and the Australian Astronomical Observatory, spied with their very big eye- the Keck telescopes on Mauna Koa- and they’ve been watching the birth of a planet! It’s called LkCa 15 b, and it is the youngest planet ever seen.

“We’re catching this object at the perfect time. We see this young star, it has a disc around it that planets are probably forming out of and we see something right in the middle of a gap in the disc,” Kraus said in a telephone interview to the AP.

The new planet is approximately 450 light years from earth. It’s orbiting around a 2 milliion old star.

No word yet on whether or not anyone will be throwing a baby shower.

How to Shrink a Human Head

shrunken head

1. Hunt down your enemy and kill him. After he’s dead, chop his head off, making sure that there is a respectable amount of neck flap beneath the aforementioned head.

2. Crush the head’s skull by smashing it with rocks. Then, pull it, the brain, and everything else inside the head out through its neck.

3. Boil the head in water with herbs and spices added to tan it. It will shrink the same leather does when boiled.

4. Get rid of any residual fatty tissue, such as that around the lips, by scouring it with hot sand from the fire.

5. Sew up the head’s eyes and mouth so that the soul of your enemy can neither see you nor call for vengeance.

6. Celebrate your victory.

Thanks, National Geographic.

Tractor Beams May be Just Around the Corner!

caortian kirk and dr mccoy beamed up

Captain Kirk may not be the only one saying, “Beam me up Scotty!” NASA’s funded a study to see how. When and if they can actually use tractor beams in future space missions. NASA awarded $100,000 to Dr. Stysley of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and his group to study whether or not they can create the beams.

Dr. Stylsely told the BBC, “”Though a mainstay in science fiction, and Star Trek in particular, laser-based trapping isn’t fanciful or beyond current technological know-how.”

The team has narrowed down three possible methods to move particles from one place to another. There’s the “OpticalTweezers” effect. It’s well known in scientific circles. The idea behind it is that an object can be trapped in the focus of laser beams. The other two methods also rely on special types of laser beams.

No word yet on whether or not these beam will help commuters get to work on time.

Lucia Peters is Assistant Editor at BettyConfidential.

PJ Gach is Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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