Get Ready for The New All-Star Cast of The Next Iron Chef Super Chefs!

The new season is coming to Food Network and we have the inside scoop from Elizabeth Falkner and Alex Guarnaschelli!

Get Ready for The New All-Star Cast of The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs!

The new season is coming to Food Network and we have the inside scoop from Elizabeth Falkner and Alex Guarnaschelli!

-Nalissa Cuthbert

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Go ahead and gear up for another fall TV addiction. Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs is back for the fourth season on the Food Network!  The hit show takes ten top chefs from the network and pins them against each other for a fight to the death. Ok– it’s not that brutal, but the competition is pretty intense! The winner is crowned Iron Chef and will join Bobby Flay, Marc Forgione, and others that hold the title.

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This season features an all-star cast of amazing chefs!I was able to chat with two of them, Alex Guarnaschelli and Elizabeth Faulkner, two of the contestants on this show.

alex guarnaschelli

As the executive chef at Butter restaurant in New York and world renowned cook I was shocked to hear that Chef Alex Guarnschelli was worried! “I’m completely nervous. I don’t think anything prepares you for this kind of competition.” She also had a lot of fond things to say about her fellow competitors. “We all know each other and we’ve all been through a lot. Marcus and I have been on Chopped for example.” It’s great to know that there are no jealous rivalries brewing amongst the group. Or at least we hope not! “You’re talking about a group of people that have complex relationships and an understanding of each other’s lives. It’s very hard to compete with people that you like so much.”

 elizabeth faulkner

I also got to chat with Elizabeth Falkner, who had a slightly more competitive spirit! “I think of my daily restaurant environment as already extreme; lots of adrenaline. Iron Chef is the ultimate of all that. I must be addicted to adrenaline at this point.” Her drive comes as no surprise since she owns and runs Citizen Cake and Orson restaurants in San Francisco. She also views the kitchen stadium as a potential challenge saying, “Iron Chef is the ultimate arena. I think it’s pretty bad ass.” Elizabeth is also known for her supreme skills as a pastry chef, but doesn’t want to be underestimated! “The other competitors don’t know about my skills with savory quality as well. I know a lot of techniques due to pastry… it’s my secret weapon coming on the show.” Yet aside for the healthy competition, she also had great things to say about the fellow chefs. “I really enjoy their different personalities and how that comes across in their food. It’s very fun getting closer to people. It’s like we’re all in this warzone together.”

The lineup includes Anne Burrell (from TV shows Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Worst Cooks in America), Michael Chiarello (owner of Bottega Restaurant and chef on Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello), and Elizabeth Falkner (owner of Citizen Cake restaurant and challenger on Iron Chef America) The cast also includes Beau MacMillan (executive chef at Sanctuary restaurant, and challenger on Iron Chef America), Spike Mendelsohn (owner of Good Stuff Eatery restaurant and Iron Chef America challenger), and Marcus Samuelsson (owner of Red Rooster restaurant and host of on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle and Chopped). Robert Irvine (owner of Robert Irvine’s eat! and seen on Restaurant Impossible), Alex Guarnaschelli (executive chef at Butter restaurant and host of on Alex’s Day Off and a judge on Chopped), Chuck Hughes (co-owner of Garde Manger restaurant and host of Chuck’s Day Off), and Geoffrey Zakarian (owner of The National and The Lambs Club restaurants and seen on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle and Chopped) are also contestants on the competition.

We’re cheering for all of the chefs and can’t wait to see the season premiere! The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs premieres Sunday October 30th, 9pm/8 c on the Food Network.

Nalissa Cuthbert is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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