Give Your Hair a Spring Makeover!

Everything you need to know to refresh your cut and color. Plus, learn how to get a perfect blowout at home.
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Give Your Hair a Spring Makeover!

Everything you need to know to refresh your cut and color. Plus, learn how to get a perfect blowout at home.

-Faye Brennan

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I put off getting my hair done for as long as I could this winter. It just didn’t seem worth it to spend my time and money on hair no one could see underneath my winter hats and scarves. So I walked around for about three months with dark, unsightly roots and frayed split ends.

Ugh. No wonder winter is so ugly.

So, when the sun started shining and the temperatures went up (remember those two glorious days?) I knew it was time. I needed a spring hair makeover to feel pretty again.

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I booked an appointment with Meghan Baldwin, a stylist who specializes in color at Eva Scrivo Salon in NYC, whose past clients include Naomi Watts and Cindy Barshop of Real Housewives of New York. Ever since, I’ve been crediting Meghan as the genius who made me feel like a woman again. My hair came out that good.

Faye before and after

Meghan was nice enough to share her expert tips on how you, too, can emerge from the salon chair feeling just as beautiful and ready for spring, without spending a fortune. From what color to ask for at the salon, to how to blow-dry your hair at home, it’s all right here:


For spring, Meghan usually advises her clients to go darker since the warmer months tend to cause more damage to hair. You may be having fun, but your hair does not like being in the sun and riding around town in a convertible. For this reason, it’s important to stock up on UV-protecting products like L’Oreal EverPure UV Protect Spray ($8.57,

L'Oreal Ever Pure

But, since I’m a blonde who can’t bear being anything else, Meghan suggested I fix my roots with a new, ammonia-free color called L’Oreal Professionnel INOA. It’s the first permanent hair color of its kind that doesn’t smell, sting, or damage hair like usual color does. “You’re going to see a difference in the texture of your hair with this,” Meghan explains. “It will grow in smoother and healthier because there’s no ammonia, and it’s great for your scalp.”

In addition to fixing my roots, Meghan suggested getting just a few highlights around my face. “It’s a great low-maintenance and low-cost way to transform your look, even for brunettes,” she said. “Stylists can even paint them on while you’re at the sink.” Meghan used a technique called “Baliage,” which is French for “hand-sweeping,” to give me a sun-kissed look. The quick process (which can be used on all hair types) involves picking out small sections of hair close to the face, then painting on color using what looks like a painter’s brush and board. Instead of securing the hair in foils, the highlighted pieces are kept separate with cotton balls and covered with plastic wrap. I may have looked like a Saran Wrap alien as Meghan was doing her thing, but the results were gorgeous.

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