Go Behind the Scenes of Taylor Swift's + The Civil Wars' 'Hunger Games' Video!

Behind the scenes? The Hunger Games? Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars? Yes please!

Go Behind the Scenes of Taylor Swift’s + The Civil Wars’ ‘Hunger Games’ Video!

Behind the scenes? The Hunger Games? Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars? Yes please!

-Lucia Peters

Taylor Swift

Okay, yes, we realize that we’ve been talking a lot about Taylor Swift this week. Just so you’re prepared for it, in addition to this little gem we’ve got right here today, we also have one last little surprise ready for you tomorrow that involves her (among many others); but after that, we promise we’ll hush up a little on the Taylor front for a while.

But! Before we do that, check out these neat pictures we have for you! Remember about two weeks ago when Taylor’s video for her Hunger Games song, “Safe and Sound” featuring the Civil Wars, hit the web? Well, now we’ve got a peek behind the scenes of the shoot. Admittedly, we’re less interested in these pictures because they’re of Taylor and more interested in them because they involve The Hunger Games (and you know how we love The Hunger Games here at BettyConfidential), but whatever. Come have a look-see!

The images popped up on The Boot the other day. Here are the thoughts that ran through our heads as we were taking them in:

“Is it awkward to have to lip sync while lying on the ground with a camera in your face that you’re trying desperately not to look at?”

Taylor Swift Hunger Games 1

“Brrr! Looks cold!”

Taylor Swift Hunger Games 2

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“What is he doing? Fixing her hair? Her makeup? Trying to frame a shot? Ah, the mysteries of filmmaking…”

Taylor Swift Hunger Games 3

“Ooooo! Can we see, too? Please? Pretty, pretty please? Pleeeeeeeease?”

Taylor Swift Hunger Games 4

“Oh, okay. At least she was allowed to wear shoes in between shots. Thank goodness for that. That coffee’s probably helping, too. Gee, we wish we had some random dude on hand to fix our skirt hems whenever we needed it!”

Taylor Swift Hunger Games 5

Clearly, we are not the kind of people you want on your film set, because all we will do the entire time is ask annoying questions and make inane observations. That aside, though, the video was gorgeous, and the shoot at least looks like it was a pretty happy, if cold, experience. Check out more images over at The Boot!

The rest of the Hunger Games soundtrack, by the way, features tracks from the Arcade Fire, Neko Case, The Decemberists, Glen Hansard, and Miranda Lambert, among many, many others—and we can’t wait to hear the rest of it.

In closing, here’s the video for “Safe and Sound” one more time, just in case you want to listen to it on loop like we’re doing right now. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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