Go Gaga Over the Goodies in Lady Gaga's Workshop

With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to take a Mother Monster-inspired trip to Barneys!

Go Gaga Over the Goodies in Lady Gaga’s Workshop

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to take a Mother Monster-inspired trip to Barneys!

-Diana Denza

gaga spider

Lady Gaga fans, if you’re anywhere near Barneys’ flagship Manhattan store, pull on your best pair of Mother Monster-esque boots and strut straight to the songstress’ Workshop Collection. We promise, the experience will be out of this world (much like Gaga herself, no?).

Bursting with toys, jewelry, books, and more than enough goodies to gush over, it seems that the fifth floor of Barneys has been transformed into a Gaga dream land. Throngs of excited visitors were herded through a brightly hued hallway and into a space that resulted in more than a few jaw drops from even the most seasoned New Yorkers.

gaga snake

I was almost immediately blinded by the camera flashes that greeted a towering statue of the icon herself –albeit in cartoon character form. With curled yellow light-up nails, a mane of blue hair, and a sparkling red bodysuit, this was one figure to behold –and maybe gawk at, too.

gaga green face

gaga train

But we were only getting started: countless wonders awaited us, even if the batteries in our cameras were sucked dry from multiple attempts to get the perfect shot of the main attraction. The entertainment for the night included a giant spider wearing Gaga’s face (in green, no less), multicolored claws, a life-sized train set overflowing with plush Little Monsters, and ‘Gaga’ in 5ft tall letters adorned with ornaments. And that’s even before we got to the actual items for sale!

The standard frowning elves-for-hire were replaced by avid Gaga fans waiting in the wings to assist guests…and prevent them from caressing the delicate –and very expensive –décor.

Santa (we love him but there’s only so much beard and beer belly we can handle in one lifetime) was nowhere to be found. The red-suited St. Nick was replaced by fierce Gaga-themed ornaments that would give even a small, shriveled tree a rock star vibe. This year, you can choose to deck out those pine branches with a biker Gaga ornament ($25, barneys.com) or ceramic Shopping Bag ornament ($50, barneys.com).

gaga treat

Within the first five minutes, I had a few treats for my tree and was nursing a raging sweet tooth with the Chocolate Gaga Shoe ($95, barneys.com). As it turns out, my pearly whites also happen to be quite the shoe aficionados. Who knew? And this Belgian chocolate bootie was a sight to behold with its sugar crystal detailing and metallic color. Easier on the purse was a set of Chocolate Lipsticks ($18, barneys.com), though much unlike your usual glosses, you can expect these to last for about 5 seconds.

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Just when I thought I could stash that credit card at the bottom of my purse, the fashionista in me came to life at the sight of a marvelous Magnetic Lady Gaga Dress-Up Set ($65, barneys.com) and those famed Press-On Nails ($45, barneys.com)  that has every beauty blogger in a frenzy. I mean, how many gals can say that they’re playing dress up with Gaga on their fridge while donning a set of nails with more embellishments than a Swarvoski-studded loft?

gaga jewelry

If you have a paycheck (or two) to blow, forget the cookie ornaments and plush toys and head straight to the Gaga’s Workshop x Eric Beamon jewelry collection. This bevy of baubles –including spiked and studded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings –will add some serious bling to any out-on-the-town outfit. Prices range from $300 for a pair of spike drop earrings to $1,530 for a gorgeous crystal necklace. If you have the cash, pony up…these jewels are brilliant!

Nowhere to stow your foolproof gifts? Forget the holiday bags you’ve been reusing for the past decade and invest in a Unicorn Stocking ($65, barneys.com) for the Gaga fan in your life. Because if you’re already splurging on a Little Monster Set ($58, barneys.com) for your obsessed bestie, why not make the whole package a gift she’ll never forget?

New Yorkers, be sure to look out for a few items not available in the online store including a button that plays every track from the deluxe edition of Born This Way, hair bows (created from actual hair, a la Gaga), and a selection of hardcover books fit for your coffee table.

If you need any more reason to splurge, 25 percent of the sales proceeds will be donated to the Born This Way Foundation, an organization dedicated to ending bullying and increasing kids’ self-confidence. Shopping with a conscience has never been easier!

Hurry, Little Monsters: you only have until January 2nd to make the Gaga fan in your life (and who are we kidding –ourselves, too!) very, very happy.

Diana Denza is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.

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