Going It Alone: The Benefits of "Me” Time

Some people cherish their "me” time while others cringe at the thought. Here's why some solitude can be beneficial to your mental health.
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Be mindful of falling prey to nervous energy. Many people feel the need to keep busy when they’re not otherwise occupied rather than just planting themselves in front of the TV. But there’s nothing wrong with saying to yourself, ‘I’m feeling really worn out and don’t actually feel like (fill in the blank: cleaning, cooking, organizing) right now.’

And if you’re the sort that continuously needs to remain active, consider other enjoyable alone activities, such as painting, playing an instrument, or mindlessly sorting through your button collection.

“Being alone is an opportunity to engage in some self-reflection and really cultivate attention to here and now. Time to think about what’s going well, what you want to do and what you may want to change,” says Sbarra.

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When food cravings crop up (as they inevitably do when we’re left to our own devices), take stock of your actual hunger level. Are you truly hungry, or just hoping food will numb an uncomfortable feeling you’d rather not confront? Practice sitting with that feeling instead of immediately heading to the pantry. Those few moments to recharge and replenish will give you the willpower you need to resist mindless munching


If open-ended alone time still scares you, set a timer for yourself even if it’s just fifteen minutes dedicated to stillness. You’ll be surprise at how quickly the time passes and how recharged you’ll feel afterward.

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