Grey's Anatomy Cast: Happy to See Katherine Heigl Go

Some actors on the hit show are ecstatic that Katherine Heigl is taking a break from Grey's Anatomy
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Grey’s Anatomy Cast: Happy to See Katherine Heigl Go

Some actors on the hit show are ecstatic that Katherine Heigl is taking a break from Grey’s Anatomy

- Kathy Campbell

Katherine Heigl

The set of Grey’s Anatomy is about to get a lot more chilled out. Katherine Heigl is taking a leave of absence from the hit show for five weeks to shoot a movie and there are some in the cast and crew who are happy to see her go.

Katherine will begin filming the romantic comedy Life As We Know It this month, and an insider tells BettyConfidential that certain cast members are “ecstatic” that she will be gone for more than a month.

“To say they’re breathing a sigh of relief is a nice way to put it,” the insider says. “They even hope that filming on the set of her movie is delayed so she misses more time.”

It seems Katherine, who has a reputation for shooting off her mouth, has been rubbing people the wrong way since filming began on season six of Grey’s Anatomy.

“Because her last film The Ugly Truth was such a big hit and she’s expecting her upcoming film, Five Killers [with Ashton Kutcher], to be just as big, she’s been rattling cages,” says an insider.

The source tells BettyConfidential that after her best friend T.R. Knight left the show last season, “Katherine’s co-stars expected her to be humbler and easier to deal with, but instead she began complaining from the start.”

Back in July, she moaned to David Letterman about having to work super-long hours on the set. “Our first day back was Wednesday and it was – I’m going to keep saying this because I hope it embarrasses them – a 17-hour day, which I think is cruel and mean.” What she didn’t reveal was that the extended hours were scheduled to accommodate Katherine, so that she could take time off to promote a film.

When Letterman asked her how much longer she was going to be on the show, Katherine replied, “Yeah, that’s what I keep wondering.”

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0 thoughts on “Grey's Anatomy Cast: Happy to See Katherine Heigl Go

  1. hope_xo says:

    I think she thinks she’s too good for what she really is … if that makes sense,

  2. Shanece says:

    I want Katherine Heigl to stay on the show, b/c her character Izzie is good for Alex ::sigh::

  3. morninglightmama says:

    Man, I guess that answers whether or not she died last season. I’m so behind in the news, I guess…

  4. Bridget says:

    Cruel and mean . . . redundant!! Maybe she is not really all that.

  5. LEOLADY9 says:

    I like her ,I hope she dosen’t leave the show for good,shes avery good actress

  6. GreenEyedMonster says:

    I Love THIS! “Some actors on the show are glad”….Let me fill all of you in….If it weren’t for Kathryn and the Gay guy and the black guy you’ve all RUN OFF> the show would be in the toilet, there are no other characters/actors or any merit on the stupid show!! Good luck without your 3rd loss…. No one cares about any of the “other actors” too bad, won’t miss it when it’s cancelled…..

  7. mameefua says:

    i love katherine…jst wish she would tone things down a notch sometimes with her comments and success going or rather gone to her head….?

  8. cloo says:

    I would like her character to stay as well. (But I also want George =[)

  9. YULiANA says:


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