Grow Up, Kim Kardashian!

There's nothing "EWW” about breastfeeding.
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Grow Up, Kim Kardashian!

There’s nothing “EWW” about breastfeeding.

-April Daniels Hussar

Kim Kardashian

Are you for REAL Kim Kardashian?! You’re famous because of a sex tape and your favorite past-time is Tweeting pictures of yourself in bikinis … and a woman breastfeeding her baby grosses you out?!

Get a grip!

“EWW Im at lunch,the woman at the table next 2 me is breast feeding her baby w no coverup,” the poor thing Tweeted on Friday afternoon.

Kim next Tweeted: “Then [she] puts baby on the table and changes her diaper.”

Fine, I’ll give you that, little Miss Priss. That’s just icky and rude.

But feeding your baby the way Mother Nature intended? Nothing gross or indecent about that.

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Apparently a lot of Kim’s Twitter followers felt the same way, because the next day Kim Tweeted to clarify that the mother in question “had her boobs out” at the table and that Kim thinks breastfeeding is a “natural beautiful thing” – why, Kim’s sister Kourtney breastfeeds but she “covers herself.”

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0 thoughts on “Grow Up, Kim Kardashian!

  1. I agree that breastfeeding is completely natural – but I do not wish to be able to watch anyone do it – using a coverup is the way to go especially at a restaurant – as for that Mother maybe having it slip or the baby grabbing it, while that may actually happen – and could be handled quickly – the fact that she changed the child on the table leads me to believe that she cared not at all and probably did not even use a cover-up – discretion woman – look it up –

  2. Breastfeeding may be lovely and all, but you’re still exposing yourself in public – which can technically be considered indecent exposure. Last time I checked that was against the law.

  3. I understand that the baby needs to be fed -there are so many ways that are available to Mothers in order to keep that moment, which I believe should be just as much a bonding moment as a feeding moment, private and lovingly discreet – watching a Mother with her young infant is a glimpse of God’s grace – I just would prefer that when breastfeeding it is also kept to a visual glimpse – thanks for asking,kitty –

  4. I agree with Kim you should cover up when breast feeding your not at home and nobody wants to see your breast if the baby has to eat then cover up or go to the restroom and breast feed and you can change the diaper in there to.Nobody wants to see that at a restuarant while they’re eating.

  5. It’s TMI. Seriously, I’ve seen a lively brunch crowd at a nice restaurant reduced to a silence broken only by crickets – because a woman whipped it out and began breast feeding. And no one dared say a word. Why? Two words; Park Slope.

  6. I don’t see anyone covering their plate from being seen. Why should it matter? It is not a sexual act so that it has to be done in private. I believe it’s the mother’s choice — if she doesn’t mind being seen, it’s her business. If you don’t like to see her for more than a glimpse, keep your eyes on your food.
    My sister breastfed and she did cover up but that wasn’t the priority, and neither was keeping squeamish people happy. The priority was to keep the baby happy and fed.

    As for Kim, is she the one to complain about exposure? I also don’t insist on seeing her boobs, but I do — on a lot of magazine covers. :)

    And by the way, given that a lot of women don’t breastfeed as not to spoil their boobs (again, priorities?) I think the woman should be commended for breastfeeding at all.

  7. oh gosh. blahblahblah. i love her, but come on. get over this stuff, the world has seen more of kim than she’ll ever see of that woman and her baby.

  8. I breastfeed my daughter, but I used a coverup as I do not wish for the general public to see my boobs..and I do not wish to see someone elses either…that is personal space. Some women are trying to spark a reaction when it comes to breastfeeding..”I have rights”!etc…no one (Kim included) is saying not to breastfeed…just cover it up!! And changing a diaper on the table where other people will eat later? That is just gross and tacky!

  9. I was just complaining about this recently. A woman at the playground was sitting in the sandbox nursing her daughter with no cover. And she pulled the baby away from her so many times that I could tell you the size, shape and color of her areola. Although I’m a female, and enjoy breasts myself there is a level of tact you can do this with. To all those who do this and think everyone ‘else’ needs to conform you need to understand that you have zero modesty left. I know b/c I have 2 kids, the 1st of which I did nurse. It’s natural in africa where they walk around half naked to start with or other countries or do that in their culture. But we as a culture don’t live that way. Do it in your car. Do it in the areas in malls, etc. that are designated for that. Not in the park, in the sandbox with kids running around and people able to see all your goods. Do it at home. If you have to go out, pump a bottle!! I did it! It may be fully accepted by La Leche league but the general public does not want to see your boobs, natural or not. Everyone knows the baby needs to be fed. But if you didn’t have the baby in your arms and you whipped your boob out you would be cited for indecent exposure. So get over ‘yourself’ and stop thinking everyone else has to be just like you!! As far as changing the baby on a table in the restaurant they should have asked that lady to leave. That woman obviously had no class. And who cares about K.K.

  10. I am with sugarpie. hehe if a little nudity makes us soo uncomfortable (especially nudity involved in breastfeeding) and nudity on covers of magazines doesn’t something’s gone terribly wrong.

  11. Just because you CAN breastfeed in public with no cover, doesn’t mean it’s always appropriate.
    I do not like seeing boobs served at the table next to me when the nursing mom has no regard for anyone else. A little consideration goes a long way.

    If I am offended, doesn’t that make it politically incorrect?
    You don’t wanna be politically incorrect do you?

  12. im sorry but pump before you go out i dont want to see your nasty boobs hanging out when im trying to eat i would ask to get a diffrent table 1 i dont want to see that i have kids dident breast feed and when my friends did i would leave it might be a natural beautiful thin g to you but to others we just want to eat our food without seeing you drip all over the place and two i think i would have warned the people bussing the table to scrub it because that kid could give someone ecoli

  13. I agree that breast feeding is ok in public. But, changing a baby on a table in a restuarant is not right. All the germs from feces will contaminate everything. That is why gas stations, grocery stores, many other places have a baby changing station in the restrooms. Go change the baby in there.

  14. If you “don’t want to see” someone breastfeeding, here’s an idea: DON’T LOOK. There are plenty of things people do in public that gross me out (although breastfeeding isn’t one of them), but I don’t feel the need to tell them — or to go online and tell others like them — to cover themselves up or hide in the bathroom so I don’t have to witness their behavior. I just avert my eyes and go on with my dinner/life/etc. Sorry, but a baby’s need to eat outweighs your need to never be exposed to anything that might make you the slightest bit uncomfortable. (Yes, the diaper thing is another story, but that’s not what this article is about. And if that was the only part Kim Kardashian was saying “EWW” in response to, she wouldn’t have included the breastfeeding part, nor would she have written a defensive follow-up tweet about how breastfeeding is natural and beautiful but only if you throw a blanket over your baby & your breast first.)

  15. dblake21 – do you eat in your restroom? probably not…so why should a baby have to eat in a restroom? People need to get over the whole BFing thing. Breasts were intended to feed children so let moms do it whenever and wherever it is necessary.

  16. Well, I guess Kim hasn’t the before we were civilized tapes… we were like monkeys or the aboriginals living in different parts of the rainforests! Maybe an Ethics class would wise her up. Mothers in aboriginal tribes and even before humans were civilized we nursed our babies until they had teeth if not after that fact! Nursing our babies is why God gave us teets! In studies, it says that if we gave birth and then laid our babies on our legs with out feeding them right away they would slowly move them selves up our bodies and nurse from our teets just like cats, dogs, monkeys…humans are no different! The only reason she feels this way is she is sex addicted and probably have implants and couldn’t breastfeed for that reason! Breastfeeding keeps our babies healthy and gives them the immune system they need to be strong healthy kids!

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