Guys Answer: How to Score a Second Date

You ladies loved this article, so we're bringing it back! Here, real guys explain what a girl can do to get asked out again.
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Guys Answer: How to Score a Second Date

You ladies loved this article, so we’re bringing it back! Here, real guys explain what a girl can do to get asked out again.

-Faye Brennan

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There’s a big difference between a first and second date. You can go on a dozen first dates and they can mean nothing if the guy just isn’t right for you. But a second date means you like him and he likes you. Or at the very least, you both see potential in your connection, and would like to see where things go.

In order to get to that point, we asked guys what girls can do to bring them back for round two. Here’s what they had to say:

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“A girl can increase her odds by being appreciative for her date paying and by showing selfless traits.” – Scott, 36, NY

“Listen carefully and respond thoughtfully. Talk honestly about yourself but leave skeletons in the closet.” – Paul, 53, MA

“Honestly, all it takes is for her to show that she’s having a good time by showing some interest in me! Other than that, unless the date is a total disaster – bad conversation, awkward pauses, or the feeling of ‘get me out of here’ – I’d say that chances are good for round two!” – JP, 28, NY

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0 thoughts on “Guys Answer: How to Score a Second Date

  1. uptowngirl says:

    I definitely believe in taking initiative! I had a great date once, but didn’t hear from the guy again for a few days afterward. I decided to try reaching out just to see what would happen. He immediately responded and we had another fabulous date soon after…it’s been over 2 years since then, and we’re still going strong!

  2. FBNYC says:

    That’s really brave of you uptowngirl! Way to go after what you want!

  3. Fashionista says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with the guys on these… sex and exes are no-no’s on the first date.

  4. deborah says:

    Be inquisitive and interested in the other person, and don’t talk about yourself so much.

  5. mothermeryl says:

    Some of these guys sound pretty full of themselves – be grateful he’s paying? Split the bill and it’s not an issue!!

  6. lovesbetty says:

    What you mean you don’t want to hear about the ex? lolol

  7. sidneyanne says:

    How do you leave out the ex when they ask you about it? I hate that and it happens a lot. I try to be evasive, but….

    I agree with all of this and practice it faithfully, but seldom get a second date with anyone I really want to ask me out again. It’s the ones that I don’t like that are like a dog on point!

  8. marriagecoach1 says:

    Mothermeryl, I have had too many women clients who would be offended at splitting the bill. They offer but only out of politeness. Men still need to pick up the tab. It is an affront to his masculinity to insist on paying all or part of the tab.

  9. myown1 says:

    sidneyanne- I understand your point. I wonder if its the ” I really don’t care” attitude that presents them a challenge. It always seems on the 1st date with Mr. HoHum that prompts an immediate call. If I am interested in date #2, its a 50/50 chance I will hear from him again.

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