Guys Answer: Why He Hasn't Called

Men come clean about the post-date phone call and when it's going to come - if at all.
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Guys Answer: Why He Hasn’t Called

Men come clean about the post-date phone call and when it’s going to come – if at all.

-Justin DeMarco

He Hasn't Called

The problem with dating in such a technologically advanced world is knowing how easy it is for someone to get back in touch with you after a date. Somehow the simplicity of communication has complicated the post-date follow-up for many guys, leaving women wondering when (or if) he’ll call, text, e-mail, BBM or whatever else you can do these days.

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With no standard rule on when men should call back, there can be any number of reasons why a guy doesn’t reconnect with you right away. One thing is for sure though – all men do have a method to their dating madness.

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0 thoughts on “Guys Answer: Why He Hasn't Called

  1. Wow, Andrew sounds like such an ass! Standing girls up just because he got burned once? Puhh-lease.

    My rule is a week… If I don’t hear from you by then, next!

  2. Leandro’s advice is spot on. Don’t spew everything on a first date.

    Andrew is a jerk-wad. Someone stood you up, get over it and stop torturing everyone else!

  3. We need more Brad’s in this world!!! It is just not that hard to let someone know it didn’t click for you – and that goes for both genders.

  4. Brad is a wet dream….men should be honest and not say i’ll call you if they aren’t and if they are interested and im interested it doesn’t matter how soon the call is…people aren’t honest with themselves if we were we wouldn’t waste eachothers time or try to make something outta something that doesn’t exist…like chemistry

  5. There are exceptions — my second date with my husband was a month after the first time we went out. He says that he sensed that I wasn’t much into him, and decided to wait around for a few weeks and rethink his plan. Of course, that was 11 years ago, we were 17 and 18, respectively… :) So things have changed since…
    We’re celebrating our 3rd wedding aniversary this August :)

  6. ladies guy are sometimes hard to read but dont wait on them. dont get to excited on the first date. feel them out to see if you can handle a second date. be strong and confident and keep the ball in your court, dont make them feel like you have to do everything to impress them they need to impress you also. we dont have to wait for the calls we can make them.

  7. Every single time I have called a girl the next day, she suddenly lost interest. Usually when I call a girl about 2-3 days later I get MUCH better responses. Sometimes I will plan on calling a girl after 2 or 3 days and something REALLY important comes up that makes it so I can’t call or will be too cranky/sad/tired to play the game right, so I put it off till I feel more suave or better, but then I get too nervous because I took so long, then I spend weeks regretting not calling. It sucks and I ashamed I have done this.

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