Guys' Cologne Can Damage Their Sperm

The hidden ingredients may be harmful.

Guys’ Cologne Can Damage Their Sperm

The hidden ingredients may be harmful.

-Jane Farrell

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You might want to think about not giving your guy that very special fragrance set, because it could end up affecting his fertility.

According to AOL, a study released by the consumer advocacy organization, the Environmental Working Group, said that unlisted ingredients used in colognes may be damaging to sperm. Researchers examined the compositions of seventeen colognes and discovered that they contain chemicals that have the potential to interact with hormones. One chemical, diethyl phthalate, which is used as a solvent, was discovered in twelve of the colognes and has already been found to cause sperm damage, which can affect fertility.

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Says study author Dr. Olga Naidenko, “We don’t know how harmful repeated use of these colognes and perfumes are, because the emphasis in the industry is not on long-term testing. While infrequent use could be fine, because the same chemicals show up in many different products, over time they can build up in your body and have bad effects.”

The study found the ingredients through a chemical analysis of colognes that were chosen at random from products sold in department stores and drug stores. Manufacturers do not always list every scent contained in a product, because they say such ingredients are “proprietary” – meaning they could be copied by competitors.

Some unlisted ingredients, including the synthetic musks galaxolide and tonalide, which are used to create a fragrance’s particular scent, interact with both male and female hormones and have been found in newborns’ umbilical cords. This shows, said EWG, that babies in the womb are exposed to the chemicals.

EWG is pushing for greater regulation of scented products. (AOL Health)

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