Hair Color: The Highlights Lowdown

You can balayage, foil, or try Yan Varin's chandelle technique for color that won't show noticeable roots.

Hair Color: The Highlights Lowdown

You can balayage, foil, or try Yann Varin Salon’s chandelle technique for color that won’t show noticeable roots.

-Sarah Polonsky

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My mother used to take me to Madison Avenue for lunch and hair coloring when I was a teenager. Back then my color lasted nearly half the year. Good thing, since I’m a brunette who gets blonde highlights, which can cost hundreds of dollars to maintain. Now, in my late twenties, the roots start to peek out after a mere three months.

After over a decade of foiling I have at long last found my new favorite highlights technique: BAYALAGE! I tried the Yann Varin Salon in NYC for a customized chandelle coloring experience, but man salons are now offering this service.

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Here’s How It Works:

We all know the customary foiling technique for highlights. However, the latest sensation, balayage (French for “to sweep”), has become highly popular. Balayage is a hair coloring technique that is designed to create uniquely natural looking highlights that grow out without developing noticeable and obvious roots. Many stars and models use balayage on their hair, and in response to popular demand, many salons have started offering it as well. The best part is their use of L’Oreal Professionnel INOA, an in-salon permanent hair color that’s completely odorless.

The Yann Varin Salon offers its own version of balayage called chandelle, which is a more customized way to lift color and avoid stripy looking highlights. My color has since looked natural and tres sexy.

Tell us: Have you tried balayage yet, and how did you like the results?

Sarah Polonsky is a senior editor at BettyConfidential.

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0 thoughts on “Hair Color: The Highlights Lowdown

  1. “Now, in my late twenties, the roots start to peak out after a mere three months.”

    Wouldn’t that be “peek out”? You’re the one who had a fit because President Bush allegedly misspelled something or other …

  2. I learned balayage 10 years ago in school, and have done it on my sisters and my own hair. It’s almost fool proof, and you can get really creative quite easily.

  3. For an article called “Hair Color: The Highlights Lowdown”, there sure isn’t a lowdown on highlights here. Instead, it’s an introduction to a new term.

    It’s not even an intro to a new technique. I know three things about balayage now:
    1)That it’s a new technique designed to look natural and not have obvious roots
    2) That the word is the French “to sweep” (which it isn’t, that’s “balayer”, and “balayage” is the act of sweeping)
    3) Celebs apparently love it.

    Despite the subtitle “How it works”, I still don’t know how it works… nor do I know what the results looked like, or if you were pleased with the results.

    I’ve never highlighted my hair before – how about an article that REALLY gives me a lowdown on highlighting techniques?

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