Watch Out Britney and Paris

Hair extensions may lead to baldness

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Watch Out Britney and Paris

Hair extensions may lead to baldness

-Julie Ryan Evans

Jealous of those long, thick, luscious locks sported by celebs like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton … especially just days after they sport a sassy bob? Wish you had the hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars to shell out anytime you felt like changing your look?

Yeah, me too … until now. New research published in the British Journal of Dermatology shows that those instantly lovely locks can cause thinning hair and BALDNESS.

Apparently, all that pull from the fake hair on the real hair follicles can cause permanent damage in the form of alopecia, according to a story in The Times of India. Some experts are even calling for a ban on the extensions.

Says Barry Stevens, from the Trichological Society, which represents hair specialists in the UK: “My advice to women is stop using them. Hair normally regrows but eventually the follicles become so damaged that they only produce very fine hair or none at all.”

Britney, stop the extensions now – we know you didn’t look so good bald! Join the rest of us in a mess of clips, barrettes and headbands as we try to grow out last season’s bobs and bangs.

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4 thoughts on “Watch Out Britney and Paris

  1. Honestly, I’ve always found it to be unattractive when you can tell someone has extensions, which you usually can. It just looks “off” to me, like the person isn’t comfortable with their natural beauty.

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