Happy Birthday, Jane Krakowski! 12 of Jenna Maroney's Most Glam '30 Rock' Looks

In honor of Jane Krakowski, here's a look at some of her '30 Rock' alter ego's best looks. From eveningwear to work casual, we've got you covered!
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10. Dressed Down

Jenna Maroney dressed down

Jenna doesn’t dress down that often—she’s all about the glitz and the glamor of showbiz—but when she does, boy, does she nail it. She doesn’t even look out of place next to the always-suited-up Jack Donaghy!

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11. Incognito

Jenna Maroney icognito

Big sunglasses: Check. Trench coat: Check. Dark and mysterious: Check.

And just for the funny:

12. “So Help Me, I Will Slip a Nip!”

Jenna Maroney alien

It’s okay, Jenna. We don’t blame you for anything The Girlie Show puts you in.

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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