Happy Holidays? Brooke Mueller Arrested on Drug and Assault Charges

Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller was arrested in Aspen, Colorado on cocaine and assault charges this weekend. But what about the children?

Happy Holidays? Brooke Mueller Arrested on Drug and Assault Charges

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller was arrested in Aspen, Colorado on cocaine and assault charges this weekend. But what about the children?

-Lucia Peters

Brooke Mueller mug shot

Looks like Charlie Sheen isn’t the only one from his camp who’s been imploding this year: Brooke Mueller, Charlie’s third ex-wife (after Denise Richards and Donna Peele), was arrested on Friday evening in Aspen, Colorado for cocaine possession and assault. Happy holidays!… or not.

TMZ broke the news early Saturday morning, revealing that police found Brooke in a nightclub called Escobar after she allegedly assaulted a woman at a bar nearby. Blair Weyer, a spokeswoman for the Aspen PD, confirmed the arrest to People later that day. People then went on to supply more information about the incident, citing a statement released by the police: “On Dec. 2, 2011, at approximately 11:32 p.m., officers with the Aspen Police Department were on a routine walk through at the [music venue] Belly Up, 450 S. Galena Street, Aspen when they contacted a woman who reported an assault which had taken place. The woman identified Brooke Mueller, 34, of Los Angeles, California as the aggressor.” The statement went on to say, “After midnight, December 3, 2011, Aspen Police located Mueller at [the nightclub] Escobar, 426 E. Hyman Ave, Aspen. Mueller was arrested and charged with assault in the third degree (class one misdemeanor) and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute (class four felony). Mueller posted bond of $11,000 and was released with a District Court date of December 19, 2011.” Details about the assault itself are being kept quiet.

Wow. So Brooke didn’t just have cocaine on her—she had enough on her to classify her as having the intent to distribute. In fact, the Aspen Times quoted Chief Deputy Assistant District Attorney Arnold Mordkin as saying that Brooke allegedly had “in excess [of] four grams of cocaine, gross weight.” Heavy stuff, man. But then again, Brooke has a history of addiction, and she’s been in and out of rehab centers for years. It’s also worth noting that Aspen seems to be an unfortunate location for her; the domestic dispute she and her ex-hubby got embroiled in on Christmas Day, 2009 also happened in the Colorado town. That time, Charlie pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in exchange for the dismissal of felony charges of menacing and criminal mischief.

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You know what really worries me about all this, though? Their kids. Brooke and Charlie got married in 2008, had twins Bob and Max in 2009, and divorced in 2010. Brooke apparently has primary custody of the two boys and both parents are required to take drug tests as a part of the custody agreement; but, I mean, really. How hard must it be on those two kids to have parents like this? They’ve got the double-whammy of not only having drug problems, but of having them in an extremely pubic arena. The Aspen Times stated that it’s unclear who had custody of Bob and Max the night of Brooke’s arrest. Am I the only one concerned by this? Please tell me I’m not.

Brooke has been out on bail since Saturday morning according to the Hollywood Reporter, and she has a Colorado District court date set for December 19. A source close to Brooke apparently told People that she “can’t stay sober on her own,” and that “Maybe this will force her to go into a treatment center for a long stay. Thirty-day rehabs won’t work for her.” On the other hand, her rep, Steve Honig, declined comment before elaborating that he thinks “anyone who is truly a friend of Brooke’s would not be spending their time talking anonymously and behind her back to the media. I seriously question the validity of any comments made by these people alleging to be friends with Brooke.”

In the meantime, I really hope that someone is taking care of the twins—and that it’s not Charlie. Poor kids could use a stabilizing influence in their lives right about now.

Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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