Harvey Gets a New Face! Laser Treatments in the Quest for Great Skin

Follow along as our Cyber Main Gay, Harvey Helms, undergoes laser treatment -- complete with video clips!
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Harvey Gets a New Face! Laser Treatments in the Quest for Great Skin

Follow along as our Cyber Main Gay, Harvey Helms,  undergoes laser treatment — complete with video clips!

-Harvey Helms

Harvey Helms

Okay girls, I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is.  I mentioned in my first column that I’m here to be your “Cyber Main Gay” and that you can trust me.  You can trust me because I’m going to show you EV-ER-Y-THING.  (And by everything I mean I had a Flip cam while I was medicated for my laser treatments! Read on …) If I am your “Cyber Main Gay,” I owe you my total allegiance and total openness. No hiding anything. It’s you and me together, girl. The good, the bad, and the (soon to be transformed to fabulousness) ugly!

I’m going to start by showing me at my ULTIMATE worst. How did I get there? Well, being a beauty junkie, I really believe in using the latest skincare technologies to keep everything firm and lifted. Years ago when I was the Global Director of Beauty at Revlon (REV), I was trying to drop some weight for a TV tour. My PR person looked at me and said, “It’s great you’re exercising and trying to lose weight, but you may need a little help from the Doctor.”

A long moment of silence ensued.  She didn’t budge. I just looked at her. I was stunned!  Then, I looked in the mirror and thought, “Wow! She’s probably right. Have I reached an age where a mix of cosmetics and the doctor is now necessary due to sun exposure, fast food, martinis, smoking in my 20’s, and all the stress from a host of bad marriages?”   

Thanks Donna Shapiro for telling me the truth.  This is one reason I love women! I mean, this is definitely more important than telling your best girl friend that she has spinach or lipstick on her teeth.  It’s above the call of duty. Here’s to the Sisterhood!

Fast forward to now. A few weeks ago, I was in New York meeting with a TV producer about being the style maven on a popular woman’s morning show. How exciting! Then, it got ugly. I saw my face on the TV monitor and my thoughts drifted back to that historical moment with Donna. The camera doesn’t lie! In fact, now with HDTV, the camera tells the entire ugly truth with no apologies!  

Now some of you may be thinking, “I like my wrinkles!  I’ve earned every one of them.” Well, good for you. Maybe in my next life time I’ll have your confidence.  

What should I do? Well, having worked in the beauty industry as long as I have and knowing the women I know, I knew the first important step was to do some research to find the right Board Certified Professional and to look at their history of before and after’s. If you’re considering any cosmetic procedures, this is a step you must not miss! You also should get a second opinion to make sure you are using the right doctor or nurse practitioner. Check out their web site and make an appointment for a consultation. It’s normally free, but with the better professionals there may be a nominal charge. And please ladies, do not go to someone because they are running a “Special.” I’m not saying don’t compare costs.  But you wouldn’t go to the dollar store to get your face done, now would you?  I had a friend do that and her Botox experience made her look like the joker from the Bat Man movies. Enough said.

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