Healthy Body, Healthy Home, Healthy Life: Q&A with Talima Davis of Limegreen

Limegreen is our new favorite line of organic, vegan body and home products. Meet Talima Davis, the woman behind it, in our exclusive interview!
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Limegreen body wash

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BC: Time for a few “favorites” questions: What’s your favorite color? How about season of the year? Smell?

TD: Surprisingly my favorite color is pink, even though I never wear it. My favorite seasons are spring and fall, and I love the smell of fresh-cut grass.

BC: While we’re at it: Do you have a favorite Limegreen product? What is it and why?

TD: My favorite product is the Lotus massage oil. I use it every day after I shower, and when my day is ultra-stressful, I like to rub a little on my shoulders. I even use it in my hair!

BC: Have you ever created something and ended up not liking it?

TD: I think all of my products went through a testing phase where I was tweaking this or tweaking that. Usually after a few changes, I’m finally happy with the finished product.

BC: What about happy accidents? Have you ever had an accident happen while creating a new product that seemed disastrous at first, but ended up resulting in something awesome?

TD: I think my happy accidents have been less during the actual making of each products and more with situations. For example, I was once stranded with a room spray and needed to sanitize something—at which point I had an “Aha!” moment and realized that my room spray could sanitize as well!

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BC: If you could have any celebrity, living or dead, use your stuff, who would it be?

TD: I would have Sarah Jessica Parker use my stuff. She is a fashionista, a mom, an actress, and and a wife, and I am just in AWE of everything that she does.

BC: What inspires you?

TD: Nature inspires me.

BC: And just for good measure, a hypothetical situation: Uh oh! Your kids and your pet dog just came in from the rain and tracked mud ALL over the house. If you only had one product to use to clean up the mess, what would it be and why?

TD: I would grab the body wash because it’s an amazing multi-use product that doubles as a hand soap, a body soap and an all-purpose cleaner.

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Lucia Peters is BettyConfidential’s associate editor.

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