Helen Mirren Is Guest Starring On 'Glee!'

Helen Mirren? Guest star? Glee? Yes please!

Helen Mirren Is Guest Starring On ‘Glee!’

Helen Mirren? Guest star? Glee? Yes please!

-Lucia Peters

Helen Mirren

This? This is awesome. According to TVLine, the inimitable Helen Mirren has signed on to guest star on Glee’s first episode back on January 17. Yesssss!

Glee has a history of securing awesome guest stars—Kirsten Chenoweth, Idina Menzel, and on and on and on—but this one really takes the cake. Interestingly, though, it looks like Dame Helen will be heard, but not seen: an insider told TVLine that she’ll be providing the “inner voice” of an as-yet-unnamed character. Said the source, “Helen came in and secretly recorded several long and hilarious monologues two weeks ago. Then she visited the kids on set, and they had no idea she was coming; they were stunned.” I’d be pretty stunned if Helen Mirren showed up at my place of employment, too.

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While the role was written specifically for Dame Helen, there was some question about whether or not she’d actually do it. TVLine reported that we have Eric Stoltz to thank for it, though; Helen and Eric are buddies, and since Eric is also a frequent Glee director, the producers figured he’d be the best one to talk her into it.

Happily, it didn’t take much talking to convince her. TVLine’s source went on, “Helen’s a big fan of the show and the message it sounds out about arts education.” As well she should be!

Tell us: Which character do you think Helen Mirren will be providing an inner voice for?

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