Holiday 2012: 12 Fabulous Reads for the Book Lovers In Your Life

Got a bookworm in your life? Whether they're a classics lover or a fashionista, we've got the perfect gift for them!
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Hipster Puppies Joy the Baker Wreck the Halls Night Circus

 5. Hipster Puppies by Christopher R. Weingarten ($5.60,

Christopher R. Weingarten was sick of hipsters. REALLY sick of them. So what did he do to fight back? He began the Hipster Puppies Tumblr. Featuring dogs of all sizes decked out in enormous eyeglasses and waffling on about how they were listening to the latest once-obscure-now-huge indie band before it was cool, the Tumblr became a phenomenon—and then a book! Hilarious. Adorable. Awesome.

6. Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson ($12.38, Joy the Baker has been one of our favorite cooking and baking bloggers for ages, so naturally, we were thrilled when she put out her very own cookbook. From oatmeal raspberry ginger scones to peanut butter birthday cake and from “Man Bait” apple crisp to every type of pancake under the sun (carrot cake, zucchini and potato, cornmeal molasses with blackberry vanilla sauce… shall we go on?), she’s got something for everyone—but especially for those of us who like to eat cake for breakfast. Her tips are great, her photographs are beautiful, and reading her is like talking to your best friend. Love!

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7. Wreck the Halls: Cake Wrecks Gets “Festive” by Jen Yates ($6, Of course, for every gorgeous, so beautiful you almost don’t want to eat it (but do anyway) cake, there’s an equal and opposite horrible cake disaster. That’s where Cake Wrecks comes in! Originally a blog chronicling the many instances of professional cakes gone horribly wrong, this holiday edition book is perfect for gift giving this season. Get ready to laugh!

8. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern ($8.68,

The Night Circus is one of those novels that absolutely everyone must read. It’s a terrific winter book, full of magic (but not the light, fluffy kind), mystery, and a strange circus that opens only at night—and how all of its denizens are tied together, even when it appears that they aren’t. If your favorite book lover prefers to listen to stories, there’s also an audio version read by Jim Dale, who also read the audiobooks (in the US, at least) for the Harry Potter series.

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