Holiday 2012 Alternative Gift Guide: Make it Meaningful

Holiday gifts don't have to cost a bundle! Show your loved ones how much you care with these fresh, alternative gift ideas!
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7. Donate in your friend’s name


There are so many deserving causes out there, you might panic at the thought of having to choose one. But if you know your friend well, there is something that hits close to home. If she has pets, but not enough time to spend at the local animal shelter, donate for her. Or maybe she’s been caring for a family member affected by a disease, and hasn’t had the resources to aid the research process. Contributing in her honor may treat her to something she’s felt guilty she hasn’t done herself yet.

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8. Go glam in a sweet way

glam sweet

When’s the last time you donned a ring pop, candy necklace or bracelet? You may not be able to get your friend the real bling, so go retro with nostalgic candy from her childhood. It’ll bring her back to being a kid. If you want to amp it up, throw in something she can actually keep. Surf through this cool jewelry (that won’t break the bank) so she could, you know, complete the look. (Accessories are Fair Trade, organic, vegan, charitable—the whole nine yards.)

9. Give the power of words


Even if your friend’s committed to her Kindle, there’s something special about handpicking a book, rather than just recommending one to download. If your friend’s a real word nerd, browse rare books in your price range. Bookmark a page with a passage or poem that has significance to your relationship. Personalize the bookmark with a photo of you two, or a quote (can be an inside joke, doesn’t have to be inspirational!).

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