Holiday Engagements: Tacky or Romantic?

It seems celebs and the Average Joe alike were popping the big question over the holidays, but is a holiday engagement really the way to go?
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Holiday Engagements: Tacky or Romantic?

You loved this article on popping the question on a holiday, but is a holiday engagement the way to go?

-Faye Brennan


Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but you may have some pals whose Valentine’s Day engagement bling keeps them rehashing the events of the holiday days later.

Of course, an engagement at any time of year is great news, but here’s my dilemma: isn’t it a bit of a cop-out to give a ring on a holiday? As if the guy said to himself, “I have no idea what to get her… I know! We’ll get married!”

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To me, combining holidays is a no-no. I don’t want to be celebrating our love every year on the same day I celebrate my love for green beer, turkey and stuffing, or mistletoe – these are separate celebrations deserving separate days in my eyes.

But, others like holiday proposals for their timing, their essence of surprise, or how they bring the whole family together at once (so they can all be witnesses, of course). These are understandable points, but we need a final verdict people!

So, let’s hear both sides and then make a final decision: are holiday engagements tacky or romantic?

Those in favor of holiday engagements say…

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7 thoughts on “Holiday Engagements: Tacky or Romantic?

  1. I think a holiday engagement is special. While it’s already a special time, the engagement adds to the specialness. Having said that, legally if a man proposes on an ordinary day and the couple breaks up before the wedding – the woman is required to return the ring. However, if the ring is given on her birthday, Christmas, etc. it’s a gift and not part of a contract. No legal requirement to give back the ring. (Having said that, I personally think it’s tacky and spiteful to keep a ring if the engagement doesn’t work out)

  2. Depends on the relationship. Been dating a while, waiting, wondering, great around the holidays. Not dating long, he might want to make it another day, spend holidays together, make another special day.

  3. While I don’t think its tacky I do think that it a bit inregular to propose during any holiday. Why not propose on the anniv. of the day you met or where you had your first date. Being creative is not that hard, but I am sure most men are not “romantic” and hopefully know how the person they are about to ask to spend the rest of thier lives with will know how to make it extra special.

  4. I got engaged Dec. 23rd – and it was PERFECT. I didn’t care that it was my Christmas gift…it’s the ONLY gift I wanted anyway. It was really fun to show off the ring to our entire family while celebrating the holiday together. One of our best Christmases (other than our children’s 1st, of course). If you’re newly engaged (or hoping to be), check out – matching brides with bridal vendors based on specific search criteria.

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