Holiday Photos – Be a DO, Not a Don't!

Our Cyber Main Gay, Harvey Helms, asks world renowned photographer Asa Mathat for 5 picture perfect techniques to make sure you look your best in every shot.
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Holiday Photos – Be a DO, Not a Don’t!

Our Cyber Main Gay, Harvey Helms, asks a world renowned photographer for 5 picture perfect techniques to make sure you look your best in every shot.

-Harvey Helms

Harvey Helms

Okay, so we all know what it’s like to get up in the morning with our first cup of coffee and sit at the computer and check out Facebook.  What have the girls been up to while I was asleep! Need my first dose of morning gossip!Then, suddenly, we have that moment.  We know the absolute horror of logging in and seeing that a “Friend” has uploaded the worst picture ever taken of us, and tagged it with our name!  We take a gasping breath! 

“My skin! My hair! Am I fat?  Oh my God, I look like a HO….. HO …..HO!”  You take another sip of coffee and start to sweat because you see there are 36 more pictures she’s uploaded in that damn album of horrors!  Another gasping breath!  The next shot was taken from the back!  “My muffin tops!  Should I call my ‘friend’ and ask her to delete the pictures?” As we think about our emergency course of action, we know we can ‘t call because all our “friend” will say in a totally fake, condescending voice is “Oh, I think those are great shots! They look exactly like you! Is there anything wrong?” Gag! Kill her immediately! 

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If not Facebook, think of all the holiday photos that will be taken of you by Aunt Edna who barely knows how to work a camera. What to do?  Should you cover your whole body in SPANX for the entire holiday? Pretend you have a sudden case of food poisoning when you hear “It’s picture time!” Don’t fret my pretties! As your Cyber Main Gay, I decided to consult with world renowned photographer Asa Mathat so that all pics of you going forward are you at your most fabulous best.

Holiday Photo tips

You may already know Asa Mathat.  If not, you have definitely seen his work whether you knew it or not. Ever picked up the Wall Street Journal? Fortune Magazine? Any other newspaper? He has been published in every major newspaper and has taken pictures of everyone from Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple (AAPL)) and the Dalai Lama to Uma Thurman and Ben Affleck. This engaging, brilliant photographer, who by the way became a photographer when a modeling agency told him he was too short but offered to hire him as a photographer because the pics he took of himself were so fabulous, also gives back in a big way.  See for his beautiful breast cancer work! This is a guy you can trust for good advice!

When I showed Asa some of my own Facebook blunders, posted by a “Friend”, he chuckled and then gave my a big hug. “Taking a great picture is so easy Harvey,  if you know what to do!”

Here are Asa’s top 5 picture perfect techniques that he promises will work every time: (Now pay attention and print this out so you can practice!  Time is of the essence!)

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0 thoughts on “Holiday Photos – Be a DO, Not a Don't!

  1. Great advice Harv! I am not so sure about keeping my belly button away from the camera cuz my belly is big. From the side its more noticable. I know, I know, I am working on it…sorta…sigh

  2. As one who has shot many a wedding and social event, I can tell you that Harvey’s advice is right on the money……you don’t have to hold “the pose” for mor than a second, and what a difference it makes! Practice in the mirror, so that it comes naturally when placed in front of the mirror…..smiles….

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