Hollywood's Cutest Celebrity Twins

Which set of celebrity twins are the cutest of them all?
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Hollywood’s Cutest Celebrity Twins

Which set of celebrity twins are the cutest of them all?

-Libby Keatinge

Charlie SheenWhen celebrities have twins, it’s double the fun! From matching baby bonnets to having a partner in crime when they do their first magazine cover, celebrity twins have a pal for life while navigating the shark infested waters of Hollywood and photo hungry paparazzi. But mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the cutest pair of them all?!

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Bob and Max Sheen

These two are off to a rough start, with a tough custody battle going on between their parents Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, but Bob and Max, 2, are sure to go through life winning with all that tiger blood running through their veins!

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0 thoughts on “Hollywood's Cutest Celebrity Twins

  1. tired66 says:

    The Sheen twins,Bob and Max wil be alright.Their Mom is doing the right thing and pretty soon Charlie as much a I am sad about it will be dead from an overdose..What a shame,he wil miss out on raising these boys as well as his daughters…

  2. tired66 says:

    It;s a 5 way tie on cutest twins.Their parents are beautifl and their genes are beautiful.So why not.TAhey were all mixed in a petri dish and inseminated to make sure they were going to be beautiful..Gorgeous people make gorgeous babies,Lets hope they stay that way and are not spoiled rotten and become like previous hollywood kids…..God bless them.

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