Hot Halloween Makeup

Halloween makeup that will make you look like a vampire, vampire victim or a zombie.

Hot Halloween Makeup

8 Beauty products that let you be scary, sexy or both at the same time.

-PJ Gach

halloween makeup

To get really into character, you need makeup that makes your costume shine. Whether you’re a witch, Snooki, vampire or your friendly neighborhood zombie, you need that extra shimmer or rotting skin effect to rule the night.

Here’s some products that’ll add a little extra magic to your ensemble.

1. Sparkle all over with these glittery body gems. Mattese Elite body jewel ($8,

Body jewels

2. Get extra flirty with these metallic glittery false eyelashes. Glitter liner false eye lashes ($12,


3. Make sure your nails compliment your costume or outfit with Chic Print for nails ($15, Pre-cut nail decals cover your digits in anything from animal prints to checkerboard patterns.


4. What’s Halloween without black lipstick? The shade works great with scary witch, zombie, or vampire looks. Hot Topic black lipstick ($3.99,

Black lipstick

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5. Want to glow all over like Edward? Then don’t forget your body shimmer. Word of advice- put it on before your costume. Mattese Elite fairy dust in multi sparkle ($6.99,


6. Let everyone know that you walked on the wild side.Pick up the Bite Tattoo Pack ($2.99,

Bite tattoo

7. If you’re going for the spooky zombie or mummy look, pick up Bloody Mary’s Mummy makeup ($9.95, and set it with her Setting Powder for Decayed and Rotting Skin ($17.95,

Bloody Mary


8. Nothing says vixen or devil more than blood red lipstick. Covergirl continuous color lipstick in Really Red 575 ($5.49,


PJ Gach is the Senior Editor: Style + Beauty at BettyConfidential.

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